If I Shop, Shop Responsibly and Love What I Got - A Prayer to the god Pan

Have you spent any time on the internet these past 24 hours or so?  All blog posts, tweets, emails, message board are a dangerous bombardment of Black Friday deals.  It's almost a chronic spender's worst nightmare or best dream scenario in the world!  I'm much too lazy and scared to brave the crowd in a brick and mortar store, but clickity click through ebates and onto a big discount is pretty alluring to me.

Every wonder the sanity of turkey coma (or rib roast in my case) and discount fueled shopping?  In my weakest, fullest, insane moment I keep getting a ping from an incoming email of yet another discount this or see a tweet from my favorite tweeters of what they've scored.
Try to shop responsibly, Belly.
Around this Black Friday, I've purchased the ten-mini candle set from Diptyque by using a code to score two more mini candles.  I repurchased a Chantecaille Future Skin foundation in Chamomile in person so that I can score some big foundation samples to try out (worth no ebates to be able to try things in person and samples, in my opinion!).  I repurchased a Nars eye primer on its website through ebates + holiday discount and free shipping.  Through a 20% discount on Beauty.com, I repurchased my Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser and regular balm cleanser through a click-through email.  I'm trying to be responsible.  I.....trying....!!!

Eek!  Just as I was working on this post, my VIB $20 off $50 purchase card from Sephora just came in.  It's an all out assault, everyone!  Run!  Run for your lives!  Save your wallets!

In the spirit of being responsible, here's a look I did.  Isn't it funny that given a few extra minutes, a purported intent to create a very everyday casual look turns into something with wings?  I'm turning my attention to things I've owned a while and all deserving of some extra use:
And two recent additions, one from an intense curiosity to try out the famous Physicians Formula 2-1 Eye Booster liquid liner and one Lunasol Full Glamour Liquid Lips from a makeup fairy:
By Terry Bronze Moon is applied as a base on the upper lid and blended with a fluffy blending brush.  It is also applied on the outer 2/3 of lower lash line.  I've tight lined with Laura Mercier in Ebony.  RBR Delicate Hummingbird is placed on the outer third of upper lid, and Abyssinian catbird on the inner 2/3 of lid concentrating in the center.  Suqqu matte shade to blend, and Suqqu blue from Kakitsubata on the lower lash line.  Feeble attempt at winged liner (I'm going to keep on trying!) and lots of mascara.
 I'm playing around with my foundation a little bit, adding in a dab of porcelain into the chamomile Chantecaille Future Skin.
Food coma!  Shopping Temptations!  How shall we ever deal?

What Color Am I? Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation Redux

Happy Thanksgivukkah!