Molten Pairs: Rescue Beauty Lounge in Scrangie 2.0 and Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Shadow in Abyssinian Catbird

There's a lot of things stacked into my makeup drawers that continue to excite and inspire me.  I put on some nail polish this morning and realized, there's another lovely thing that also draws inspiration from the same molten rich well.
Rescue Beauty Lounge released Scrangie 2.0 a short while ago as part of it's second Bloggers collection.  Scrangie 2.0 is the follow up to the very coveted first Scrangie.  I bought it for the hype, and it sat in my nail polish drawer for a while, but the cold weather has me drawn to rich things and 2.0 fits the bill.
Metallic and intense, the Rescue Beauty Lounge formula is streak free and easy to apply.  It is nearly flawless in one coat, but even more perfected with a second.  This color is olive bronzed and lush and shifts with multi-colored shimmer.  While a lot of the shades from the brand has secret shimmer, this one readily blazes on.
Golden olive in some lights, more army green in others.  It's a pretty fascinating chameleon.
Apparently, I have a soft spot for intensity.  I'd like to show off my Rouge Bunny Rouge Long Lasting Eye Shadow in Abyssinian Catbird today.
 The RBR eye shadow formula is top notch, and this particular shade has a look of molten richness when applied.
Definitely click on this swatch picture to get a better look at the pink and green shimmers.  That is just one finger swipe.
Like Scrangie 2.0, less golden and more green toned in the indirect light here.
Particular shades that inspire you in beauty lately?

(see my complete swatch set of RBR eye shadows here!)

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