Oh Gawd, No!

For someone hapzardly posting my face all over the internet, I'm actually a pretty introverted person.  I would rather fade into the walls than stand out in most circumstances.  At a party, I'm by the buffet table, making meaningful eye contact with the cheese plate.

Introverted and such, I have this blog thing going on where I do post my face from time to time.  Like everyone else, I google search product reviews and shopping sites all the time.  The really freaky thing is THIS:
 I think I was looking for swatches of the Kate Colorcios Diamond palettes I recently saw on Selphia the other day (here).  First, Google, your search didn't turn up what I needed, you just turned up a million pictures of my FACE. 

And again, I was looking up the color name of a Suqqu lipstick (because I can't remember so many syllables strung together) and then so THIS:
I take great offense at seeing my face next to Driveller Kate's face.  I'm sorry, that's just so wrong.  And then you can see I've visited a page from her blog 5 times from this particular computer.  First I see my face, then I see my face next to Kate's and then I see I'm spending creepy amounts of time staring at her pages!  (hey driveller, don't worry!  we live very far apart from each other!) <.<

It's a whole day of "Gawd, NO NO NO!"

Blogging friends, any thoughts about seeing your face show up?  Do you keep anonymous or do you blog with your real identity.  Have you had any unexpected real life situation where your blogger face is discovered - by friends, coworkers, random internet searches?

I think there are so many incredible high quality beauty blog that doesn't show the blogger's face.  Do you have a preference, face or no face?

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