Red or Red? Suqqu Creamy Glow 17 Ichijiku and 18 Karakurenai

Can't leave a series label up with only one post in it, so here is a second one.  Last time I looked at Guerlain Rouge G in Gracy compared with a slightly warmer and infinitely softer tones of Guerlain Rouge G Briliant in Bianca to try to figure out why certain things look better on me.  I don't think I've cracked any codes, but today let's take a look at another one of my favorite lipstick formulas.  Today is the now sadly discontinued Suqqu Creamy Glow in two very different reds: Ichijiku a dark, and warm brown brick red and Karakurenai, a more balanced but leaning cool red.  (More detailed thoughts on this beautiful formula here)
Just like last time, here is my fully made up noggin sans lipstick.  I look pretty bare, but I really am wearing a boatload of makeup.
Chantecaille Future Skin foundation in Chamomile (here).  (I'm almost out!  Immediate repurchase is required)
Ellis Faas concealer in 203 under eyes and under nose. (here)
Suqqu Nuancing Loose Powder in Natural  (here)
Guerlain Perles du Dragon to finish
Suqqu Brow Pen in Moss Green (here)
Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Grey Pearl on lid and lower lash line. (here)
Physicians Formula 2-1 Liner in Ultra Black on upper lash line
Lancome Hypnose Drama waterproof on upper lashes only.
Tom Ford blush in Ravish (here)
Just very simple so as not to distract from the lipstick onslaught.  I really like Tom Ford Ravish, which again does a nice job of defining without overtaking a look.

First up is the deeply dramatic Ichijiku.  It is quite brown, which theoretically is kind of unattractive outside of the 90's (but making a recent comeback).  What I like about the color is that it is harmonious with all the warmth that is naturally prevalent in my skin.  Dramatic, and also not really.
Here is the full face.  Ichijiku is definitely there, and dramatic but doesn't necessarily overly dominant.  Or at least that's what I'm assessing.  I like how warm my eyes look, and how everything looks defined but not with crazy eyes!  (as opposed to Guerlain Gracy made me look a little off kilter here)

Karakurenai has a similar level of color saturation.  This is really just one swipe evenly applied with a brush.  With a second layer of color, it becomes completely denser and richer looking.  It is looking a bit warm here in this light, but I find it cooler in tone in most lights.
It looks one way when without the context of the rest of my face and another way altogether with:
A truly beautiful red to be sure, but less in seamless harmony with my features.  It's totally all about the lips which totally dominates the face.  I feel as if the shadows on my face stand out more, as do the random discolored spots and old scars.

Here's the faces side by side.  You know, so I can totally spam the crap out of this post with my face.
I feel like there's something I'm starting to learn about color saturation/opacity and then color warmth that's ultimately making a color perfect (or not) on me.  I've not pinned it down yet, but it's starting to feel tantalizingly clearer to me.

Have you pinned down what red works for you?  (I haven't!)

I think my next compare contrast might be neutral v. warm foundation.  Because my skin tone confuses me.

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