Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow in Touryokuzora EX-19 from Xmas Kit B

So Driveller Kate offered a swap for something I never use for something I covet like Gollum in a cave.  I tried to calm myself, tone down the pitch in my email and very slowly and nonchalantly typed: "oh…sure…  Suqqu Xmas Kit B, you say?  Pff.  I think I may find room in my very perfect collection for a trinket like that."  Swapsies arranged.  I tried to distract her from the unfairness of the arrangement, maybe decapitated a lipstick as a diversionary tactic.

Then the wait by the mailbox, awaiting to POUNCE like a hungry animal upon the mail carrier.  Reader, I scared him.  Such is the price of makeup fever.  Sorry, dude.  Next time, just drop the box and run.
The price for this box was the scared mailman
Look at this gigantic Suqqu box.  It holds promise of Suqqu-y goodness.  Like nougat and toffee filling in a piece of chocolate, baby bunnies, soft kittens.  All delights awaiting my opening of the parcel.

Of course the Xmas kits are annual offerings of appeasement for the makeup obsessed hoards.  This year are two kits each containing an eye shadow palette (kit A contains eye shadow palette EX-18 Aoboshi (Swatcharama reviewed it here), which looked too cool for me), a blue mascara, and cream and foaming cleansers.  I've tried the cleansers before, which are ok.  I'm not a big fan of foaming cleansers, but eh, I will get some use out of them.  The mascara I am excited to try.  I've not tried any Suqqu mascaras before and blue is kind of nice.  Right?

But….but, what IS this abomination?

Kit also includes a satin clutch with a lace detail.  It is so cheesy and the fabric is so flimsy.  Reminds me of a bad negligee.  I tried to push it on my little kid.  The 6 year-old was NOT impressed.  She did, however, like the little mirror also included in the set (not pictured).

But the true star is EX-19 Touryokuzora.

Like the recent limited edition cases, it also has a novelty case.  This one is interspersed with bright blue & red shimmer.
Let's open up this sucker so you can see what's inside.

The magnificent shimmer!
This palette contains:
  • the normal white matte base shade, this white rings slightly warm to me.  I saw it do some interesting skin perfecting magic on Kate (here).  It does provide a very smooth surface on the lids, but as I always use my Nars primer on the lids, I can't testify that it also prolongs wear of the other shades.
  • A warm satiny peach, with light golden shimmer
  • A mid-toned warm rosy brown taupe.  I think this is more of a true satin shade compared to the peach, which is more shimmery in finish.
  • An intensely pigmented green.  It rings a brownish green on me.  The glitter particles are larger than the ones in the peach shade.  There is some fallout and the texture is slightly softer and a bit crumblier compared to the other colored shades in this quad.  However, the color payoff is incredible.
 Indoors in low light, the shimmer in the peach and green are still noticeable.  Wowzers!
Here are swatches to show how they sit and meld on the skin.  Everything reads lush and rich.  Very appropriate for the autumn and winter.

See Swatcharama's post of Touryokuzora here.
Driveller lady's detailed review and epic comparison to other shades here as well as her recent looks using this quad here and here.

Unfortunately, these kits must have sold out in the blink of an eye.  Neither Selfridges online nor Ichibankao show these as available anymore.  There may be some quantities available in Japan still if you can get a friend to purchase it for you from there, or if you use a parcel forwarding service, but it does look limited in availability. 

UK friends, do we know if the counters there will restock the Xmas kits?  These situations do make slow, well considered and informed purchases so hard to make.  It's rather maddening.  I jumped and purchased THREE holiday coffret on line and I see that is also recently out of stock on Ichibankao.  Not sure if I encourage rabid pursuit of these limited kits.  I only do what I do.  :(

Here's my recent look featuring Touryokuzora:
Addiction Last Scene lipstick, THREE blush in 19 Love Kick, Tom Ford Espresso eye liner

 See bling bling on the eyes here!

Did you also jump on any of the Suqqu Xmas Kits?  Any holiday purchases you've recently made and enjoy or regret?

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