Suqqu Face Palette EX-03

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A few seasons ago, I placed a telephone order through the Suqqu counter at Selfridges and ordered one of the LE face palettes.  I can't recall which one, but when I excitedly opened the box, there was no palette, but an extra eye shadow brush.  From then on, my longing for a Suqqu face palette remained unrequited.

Over a period of time, I tried other Suqqu blushes and face products.  I had gotten rid of Momozoe, another blush because the pigmentation was just too sheer to work for me.  I have one blush, LE one I really adore Akanemizu, but my overall impression is that Suqqu blushes are kind of lackluster.

However, when I had the opportunity to buy the AW 2013 items, I jumped at the chance to buy the new LE face palette, EX-03.  And, by being so late to put this up, I've become totally caught up, because this palette is repromoted as part of the holiday stuff.
The top tier holds two floppy and soft brushes.  Hey this is one way to acquire some Suqqu brushes?
 As I mentioned, the hairs are long and floppy.  I find them too lacking in any resistance to be able to pick up the powder or the blush.  However, when I carry this outside the house, the brushes are mildly handy.

 In profile.
The face palette contains a pan of a matte and translucent face powder and a small strip of a peach colored blush.  First I couldn't tell if the white powder was supposed to be a highlighter, but with its translucency and finish, it works on my skin as a beauty powder that has a slight brightening effect. There is a very sweet embossed floral scroll effect on the powder.  I've not used it too often, but you can see that the middle has worn away slightly with use.

The peach blush has a gradient which goes from a paler peach to a more deep one from.  You can see there is some slightly chunky looking golden glitter.  I see the glitter in my swatch but can't tell on my face.  This is a very pretty looking product, and certainly a lovely vanity ornament.  So how does it do, then?
 It is a very pale shade.  While not exactly sheer, it is very pale and shows up very subtly against my skin.  I do find it reasonably easy to build it up on my face.  I am getting sallower and paler as the cold days pass, so I suspect I'm closer to the NC15 side of things.
Not chalkly despite it's paleness and a very sweet color indeed.

I pulled out a few other peachy and corally peach shades to compare.  If you have one or more of these, you may find this not particularly a must have.
The blush in EX-03 is very pale and slightly more pink compared to the warmer and more coral leaning Fleur de Lotus, Blossom and Secret Affair.  

While not exactly a crazy must have, I do find the palette handy.  The slightly brightening effect of the face powder makes me think my Guerlain Voyage compact should have had this effect.  (Guerlain does zero for me-here).  The powder is not as soft and finely milled as I would expect, but does on with a very weightless and dry feel.  My skin is very dry these days, and while this acts as a finishing powder, I don't think I can use this to really set my makeup or expect any oil control.

I'm wearing the Face Palette in this look.  On eyes, THREE duo in 04 Love Satisfaction.  On lips, Rouge Bunny Rouge sheer lipstick in Fluttering Sighs (here).

You can see the very slight glow on the high point of my face from the powder.  The blush is very subtle.  I have the powder all over my face.
 This indirect light shows the blush a bit better.  It pulls pinker on my skin than my other peachy corals.

What do you think?  Will you be picking up the Suqqu LE face palette?  No regrets on buying this for me!

On my break, I've been working on growing eye lashes, napping, and not buying makeup. 

Hanging On - No Buy

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