SURRATT Smokey Eye Baton in Cendres and Lipslique in Perfectionniste

I've been slowly enjoying checking out the SURRATT cosmetics line and taking time to play at the counter and swatch some colors.  You can see my full swatches of the Smokey Eye Batons here, the Lip Crayons here, and my initial thoughts on the line here.  I felt it was time to get a bit better acquainted with the line and recently purchased a Smokey Eye Baton in Cendres and a lipstick, called Lipslique in Perfectionniste.

The packaging is very clean and minimalist.  The lipslique I'm holding here has a smooth polished texture on one end and a brushed, matte texture on the other.  The name SURRATT is tonally engraved into the side.  Pale blue shimmer in the case reflects in the bright light.  Very clean and elegant.

The slender case of the lipstick and the mechanism to extend the bullet also reminds me of Clé de Peau's Enriched Lip Luminizers (here).  You can extend the bullet by turning the dial on the bottom, but you can not retract it.

Perfectionniste is a rosy pink.  It leans warm and is very lively.  It can also read slighted muted in tone even though the color itself is fairly bright.
It is medium in coverage and pigmentation, but can be layered but still retains a slight juicy and creamy look.  It is not balmy, but more of a lovely cream.  It's also not slippy like the discontinued Suqqu Creamy Glows, and feels a bit like the new Bright Ups, but still creamier.  edited to add:  no scent nor taste!

I'm going to have to say that I am really enjoying this lipstick.  In addition to being a perfectly beautiful and flattering rose, the formula is wonderful.  It has a creamy consistency and a very emollient feel being applied.  It's slight sheerness allows my natural lip color to peep through which mutes down the applied color a little bit.  I do think that it feels slightly heavy on my lips, but the moisturizing feeling and of course the finished appearance makes this a lovely product.

The color range looks pretty interesting and I think I will try to get to the counter and swatch them all at some point.  No pressure!  Going to the counters freak me out.  There is a red, a plum, and all manner of nudes, corals and roses.  If you have access to the counter at Barney's, I recommend going to check them out in person.
Here it is on my lips.  It feels lovely on.  The wear time is pretty average for a slightly sheer lipstick.  I get a good 3 or 4 hours of wear and then an eventual fade.  My lips remain flake free and irritation free. Yippee!
Should have waxed/tweezed/pluckled
On to the next victim.  I mean item.  The Smokey Eye Baton is a dual ended product containing a liner and a coordinated eye shadow.  I picked Cendres which is a taupe/taupe combination.  I always seem to buy something taupe when I look into a new brand so no surprises with my pick.
What struck me when I started to use this was just how small the actual product was.   There is the eye shadow held in one of the caps, but the whole thing looks lilliputian to me.
The extended eye liner you see there?  That's the whole thing!  You can see my thumbnail as a scale reference.  And the thing is, the liner is soft and blend able, which is a great thing, but I can see myself using this up pretty quickly with regular wear.
Size concerns aside, here are the swatches.  The liner is on the left and the shadow is on the right.  The eye liner is a warm toned brown taupe.  It's matte and the texture is smooth and soft.  It's not as soft as say a Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen soft, but soft enough to apply without tugging and to blend easily with a finger, a sponge tipped applicator or a firm brush.

The taupe eye shadow is beautiful.  It's slightly cool taupe with some grey and mauve tones.  It has lovely, and very fine multi-colored shimmer.  Very elegant.  
Slightly blurred and showing more of the pretty shimer in the eye shadow.  Like the eye liner, the eye shadow feels super creamy and lush.  Applies like a cream product with the sponge tipped included applicator.
I was getting the spidey sense that I had very very similar colors already existing in my collection.  (I do have a sizeable taupe collection afterall).  Here's what I dug up to compare with.  Look at my Le Metier de Beaute eye liner in Champagne.  Pretty spot on, in terms of a dupe and a much larger sized pencil.  I'm not sure why my Rouge Bunny Rouges look so washed out and unpigmented in this picture!  Check out my taupe swatch set here for some better looking taupe pictures.  Now I see that Addiction Flash Back would have been a better, cooler toned comparison than the RBRs.  Basically, I'm trying to say that these are not unique colors in the Smokey Eye Baton.  But it is very convenient to have them in a paired and travel friendly format.
Speaking of travel, why would you want to carry the baton around?  Being so soft and pigmented, there is a lot of creamy textures clinging on to my lids.  Incredibly easy to apply and blend, but remains soft and unset on my eyes.  I've been wearing it over my Nars primer, which helps most things in terms of longevity, but over the hours, the baton creases lightly and eventually fades.  Fading taupes are really no big deal, but I imagine with the darker shades, it would get annoying to have to touch up.  Again for reference, I have oily lids that are masters of creasing and having products fade away.  For drier lids, you may not experience the same performance related issues.
Since the baton is so creamy, you can also use it to layer a powder shadow, but I really wanted to see if this would be a great easy item for a finished look.  Here's a super simple look I've been doing the past few days.  The liner is used as a base on the lower and upper lash line and the blended up on the upper lids with my fingers.  The eye shadow is applied with the sponge applicator towards my crease.  I applied Pixi Endless Silky Pen in Black Noir in my waterline.  A fluffy blending brush was used to diffuse and blend at the crease.
I would recommend this for those with drier lids, or those loving creamy blendable textures not minding an occasional swipe with your fingertips to blend away slight creasing.  And I would recommend for those looking for something to create a very simple and easy to execute smokey look.  I do find it pretty pricey for the size of the product.
I'm wearing the whole shebang, the Lipslique in Perfectionniste (love!), Cendres Smokey Eye Baton.  I've piled on a pinky blush with Edward Bess Bed of Roses.  It does make a nice polished look.  Cendres is very daytime appropriate and the shimmer is sedate but pretty.
The SURATT cosmetics line is available at Barneys New York online (here) or in store.  Joey, the counter manager was very helpful in the Manhattan location.  You can call her for assistance and to order by phone if you wish.  (212) 833-2824.  (I am unaffiliated!  Links are for your convenience only.)
What are your thoughts on the line?  I'd love to hear about your experiences, too!  New lines deserve chatter so we can share allll our experiences, eh?  eh?

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