SURRATT Smokey Eye Baton - More Counter Intelligence

It's been terribly busy at work, but a person's got to eat lunch right?  I took a late lunch today and went to Barney's to play at the Surratt counter some more.  It was pretty empty in the new gleaming beauty floor and I was the only customer at the Surratt counter.  The counter manager was very generous with her time and really showed me some of the stars of the line, among them the Smokey Eye Batons.  The batons feature a very soft liner shade at one end and the other end has a cream shadow.  Anyone remember the old Clinique product from a long time ago with the same concept?

I actually bought one of the shades, which I hope to feature once I give it a good thorough try, but I thought you may enjoy some swatches of the colors available.

Of each pair, liner is swatched first and then the corresponding cream shadow shade.  At least, I think it's a cream shadow.  It doesn't feel powder like at first swatch but I shall play some more.

  • Cendres, which is the one I picked up, has a pale matte taupe liner and a slightly cool shimmery taupe.
  • Fumée Brun, which is the one I was also contemplating, has a dark cool brown liner and a very pretty grey taupe shadow.
  • Nuit D'Orage is a deep navy (sorry, looks oddly grey here) liner with fine shimmer and a matching navy shimmery shadow
  • Fumée Noir has a warm black liner with shimmer and a corresponding deep grey shadow
  • Vapeur Mauve has a dark purple liner with shimmer and a slightly lighter purple shadow
First impression is that the liner and the shadow are incredibly pigmented and uber soft.  Blendable to the max!  I'm a little worried that the baton I bought will smear like panda eyes on me.  I found the products never really set on my skin and I was able to smear and then kind of wipe it away with a tissue.  I think I will definitely need a primer underneath and perhaps need to set with a powder shadow.  I will keep you posted when I try it out on my eyes.
I don't think I've captured the very pretty shimmer in these pictures, but you may be able to click and see a bit of it.

I've previously swatched all the lip crayons earlier (here) and actually got to try it on my lips.  Ack!  SO TERRIBLY DRY!  The color payoff was pretty decent but not nearly as decadent as the Addiction one.  The colors are really beautiful though.  I also tried and purchased a lipstick  - a lipslique, and I think that will be very promising.

I think my Apple products are trying to kill my blog.  My computer wants to auto correct swatched into swatted and my iPhone wants to change all the French product names into weird English ones.  Look what crap I have to put up with!  *flips table*

Anyone else out there giving Surratt a try?

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