THREE 4D Eye Palette in 09 Star Guitar

You know what's funny?  In bright light, it's pretty much impossible to take bad pictures of this eye shadow quad.  Even in the very weak sunlight of these past few days, Star Guitar truly twinkles on like a star.
It looks even better with the case open. 
Some thoughts on the weather… the day light hours are scant.  The sunlight is weak and when it is bright, it's at some odd angle throwing off the color or coming through the trees casting odd shadows.  And it's really cold.  I might turn to more indoor swatching so perhaps some of the picture quality may suffer a bit.
In short order the leaves turned brown and then a big windy day knocked all the leaves into the streets.  And this morning, snow flurries!  I'm not ready.  I shall turn my attention soon from makeup to nest making and burrowing to blankets.

But before that, some pictures of a most rosy and delightfully colored Star Guitar for your enjoyment:
 Please click to enlarge the pictures because the intensity of the shimmer and the smoothness of each pan are really something to behold.  Look how beautifully glowing the pans are in the natural light.
And this is the essence of the multi-colored shimmer glinting most beguilingly:
In this quad is a dusty rose of some silky incarnation, a burgundy cream shade with that amazing multicolored shimmer, a cool grey-brown satin, and finally a pewter colored glitter shade.  While my Mystery Girl had an oddly dried cream, the burgundy cream in this quad is silky and easy to work with.  Another friend mentioned over email how these quads practically blend themselves and they pretty much do!


This picture below is in indirect light, but shows the textural differences of the colors applied well, as well as the varying levels of the intensity.  I've applied the colors clockwise from the top left.
Each color fits in so well in the context of the palette.  I love the color variation, the balanced depth among the shades, the levels of shimmer as well as going the spectrum of fully opaque like the cream to a translucent but still powerful glitter shade.

Here's a picture in direct natural light.
And last of the swatches, my arm held at an angle which I think always best show how eye shadows "sit" on the skin:
As I mentioned in the other THREE palette post, the included cream is a wonderful feature.  I think the ultra smooth and easy to apply nature of the cream is more representative of the THREE quality than the weird dud I had with Mystery Girl (here).  In addition to the ultra silky quality, it adds a level of versatility that I think a lot of people will enjoy.  It makes an excellent base layer upon with to layer the other shades and adds a smokiness to a look, or can also be used to added a featured eye line, like a wing.  I have eye lids that tend to break down and crease most eye shadows, so I always wear my Nars primer underneath.  Even so, the cream shade will fade and slightly crease after extended wear.  If you have really oily lids, the I would say this may likely crease.

Two recent looks I've done, to show off a more precise look using the cream as a liner and then a layered smoky look (which I'd already posted).  I've been using my new Chikuhodo Artist Series Red and giving them a try in this first look!
I used the wee little 6-1 to apply the liner (cream shade)
I used the 8-8 to apply the main lid shade (pink) and I used the 8-8 again to apply darker shade (brown) for contour & crease.  I used the flat 8-1 to pat on the glitter shade.  Like so:

This is going to end up somewhere in google, I know it!
Other products used:
Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation in Chamomile, Ellis Faas concealer, Guerlain Perles du Dragon (dragon ballz!) to beautimousfy.  Guerlain Madame Rougit blush.  Burberry Earthy to counter (applied with brand new Chikuhodo Z-3).  Suqqu Bright Up lipstick in 02 Hanabeni.

Soft  but still defined.  The cream has enough body to actually sculpt into wings.  Detail on the eyes.  There's a fair bit of delicate shimmer.
Delicate and defined is all very nice, but I love a good muddled looking smokey eye.

Second look uses the cream shade as a base that is built up on the outer third of my upper lid.  The other shades were layered over it.  Rouge Bunny Rouge Orpheline blush on cheeks, and some mysterious lip color Burberry Lip Cover in Deep Burgundy that has been well blotted down.
Excellent posts from Drivel about Frivol here, on her seriously amazing THREE 4D quads for your to noodle and drool over and see her wearing Star Guitar here.

This quad is definitely a star from the Japanese autumn collections.

Did you also pick up Star Guitar?  What are your experiences so far with the brand THREE and their eye shadows?

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