THREE Winter Stardust Holiday Coffret

Ah, Holiday kits.  I have to jump quickly to buy these things.  It does make it a dicey proposition.  Without having seen swatches and reviews, how to tell if the colors will work for me.  If I wait too long, what if it goes out of stock?  If it does go out of stock, is it really such a tragedy?  Let's assess, shall we?
Unlikely the hilariously bad quality of the Suqqu Xmas Kit's included satin clutch from hell (here),  the THREE coffret has a sleek looking pleatherette clutch, with inappropriate looking nipple spikes of doom.  I took pictures of the insides, but it wasn't all that interesting to post.  It's flat on the inside and has some straps to hold in your makeup brushes or pencil items.  The spiked part pulls open to a mirror.  I can't imagine where I would use this actually, but I suppose I can pass this off to my other kid. 
The Winter Stardust Coffret contains an eye shadow duo, and two of their beautiful eye liner pencils.  The duo is 06 Winter Love, and the liners are 09 Child of the Moon and 10 The Prettiest Star.
Unless I'm missing something, the promo images of the Coffret shows really inaccurate looking pictures.  The promo picture shows a red toned brown cream (left) and an icy pink shade (right).  In reality, in my reality (which is an odd world, to be sure), is a minky brown cream shade with deeeeelightful shimmers and a very delicate lavender grey.
I originally thought that of the liners, the colors would be too metallic for me to really appreciate, but they are really bright and beautiful.  Child of the Moon is a silvery lavender and The Prettiest Star deep gold with a good dose of orange in it.
Shall we look at the pans?  I had to really do some arm calisthenics to capture the beautiful shimmer in the deep minky brown.  It's slightly plummy, too.  The shimmer is blue, green, red, gold!  I adore the complexity of the shimmer.  It's so very pretty.  The delicate beauty of the lavender grey and the silkiness of the satin texture is really nice.

Here are the swatches.  The darker cream shade, the satin lavender grey shade and then the lavender grey is layered over the cream on the right.
These are not deeply pigmented shades.  On my wintry pale skin, it does show up very nicely, however, if you were looking for the unctuous creamy pigmentation of brands like Le Metier de Beaute or even an Urban Decay, this is definitely not going to fit the bill.  For me personally, I love the delicate look of the shades and how seamless they meld together and the overall look on my eyes.
Here's a slightly blurry shot (in outside BRRRRR natural light) that shows the subtle shimmers dancing away.  Overall the colors are slightly cool and has a very subtle icy gleam.
I don't think I've ever posted about these Flash Performance Eye Liner Pencils.  These are crazy expensive and even more so when you purchase online through a reseller like Ichibankao.  I really don't want to fall in love with them.  But the color saturation, the shimmer, the lasting powder, the smooth creamy texture!  Stop making nice things, THREE!
Child of the Moon (left) and The Prettiest Star (right).  My The Prettiest Star is slightly washed out in this swatch.  It's more deeply golden than as appears.
Everything melding beautifully on my skin!

I wearing it here.  Again, I apologize for the oddly cool lighting.  I'm fighting with the lack of natural light these days.
Cream used to build a smokey base on upper lid to socket and extended out.  The satin eye shadow layered over and then past the socket line.  Child of the moon on the lower lash line and also extended out to follow the shape of the cream shadow on the upper lid.  The golden The Prettiest Star on the inner corner and then applied up to follow the curve of my socket line.  (Other notable stuff used:  THREE blush in 17 Windswept Soul (here), Lunasol Full Glamour Liquid Lips in Soft Rose Beige, Lancome Hypnose Drama Waterproof Mascara)

I like the placement, but I think the next time I do this, I will run the gold on my lower lash line, but the silvery lavender is very eye brightening.
Even worse lighting here, but hopefully you can see the gold a bit better in the inner corner and going up.
It looks like the coffret is back in stock on Ichibankao (here) for a huge markup.  I bought it here.  Hope you found the swatches helpful!

Do you also spring for holiday kits?  Did you also buy this blind?  What do you think so far?

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Happy Thanksgivukkah!

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