What Color Am I? Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation Redux

This isn't a detailed post on the merits of Chantecaille's Future Skin Foundation.  I already posted that some time ago (here).  I liked it when it was warmer, but now that's it's gotten cold, I really truly love it.  It was one of my recent makeup repurchases.  I repurchased the color Chamomile, which is the palest of the yellow toned shades.  But I found that it oxidized a small bit after a few hours of wear and also noticed my skin getting a bit paler from lack of sun exposure.  Future Skin doesn't come in a yellow shade paler than Chamomile, but I was able to score a few samples at the counter in the other undertones to see if I can do some color concocting.

Do you experience the same dilemma when you are trying to find the right foundation for you?  The formula might be perfect, but the shade range is too limited to match your skin tone.  Maybe the undertones don't perfectly match your skin.  As I have a fair bit of pigmented areas on my chin and get red from outside exposure, I tend to get matched at the counter to shades too dark and too pink for my skin.  I often have to argue to be able to sample yellower and paler shades.

I also have a darker and more pinker face than I do my neck and chest.  Matching to one or the other areas looks a bit off as well.  Today, my Compare and Contrast exercise is some foundation matching and playing around with depth and undertone to see if small tweaks would yield a more pleasing foundation match.

This exciting picture below will gain many excited readers to this post!  *rubs hands in glee*  *cough*

I'm going to be monkeying around with Chantecaille Future Skin in Vanilla which is a neutral undertone light/medium shade.  Chamomile is my regular shade of foundation.  I've included MAC Pro Longwear in NC20 as a shade reference.
Vanilla is slightly pinker especially when compared with Chamomile or MAC, but in reality it is really not all that pink.  Chamomile looks especially yellow, but not particularly a very warm yellow.  Pro Longwear is slightly darker than Chamomile, but also a more peach.  When I tried on the MAC on my face, it read distinctly too orange for my face.

Here's my face bare and free of makeup except some brows defined with Suqqu brow pen in Moss Green.  I have some pink in my face compared to the more pale and yellow neck and chest.
First up is the slightly pinky and neutral Vanilla.
It does pretty well on my face, but it seems to me that the difference between my face and the exposed part of my neck and chest seem pretty stark.  Because it matches the depth on my face so well, my face also seems a touch darker as well compared to the other parts.

So up next is the yellow Chamomile freshly applied.  Once settled, it oxidizes a touch darker than this.  I like that it matches my neck very nicely.  But it's still quite yellow and I'm also trying to correct for the oxidation.
I think how you match your foundation is a bit of an art and a practice in personal preference.  You can adjust with bronzer, match to face and wear a turtleneck, or adjust for a color something between face and neck/chest.

I was able to score a very generous sample pot of Porcelain which is the palest of the shades offered by Chantecaille in Future skin and a neutral undertone shade.  You can see Porcelain below.  I've also mixed into Chamomile to adjust for a slightly paler (to adjust for oxidation) and to slightly neutralize the yellow.
Here I am wearing the concocted Chamcelain:
I like that it's a touch paler and slightly less yellow than Chamomile.  It's less a contrast against my pinker face but still yellow enough to harmonize with the depth and tones on my neck and chest.  The big problem with Chamcelain is that this is in essence doubling the purchase of a very expensive foundation.  I'm not convinced I'm going to buy that jar of Porcelain to slightly modify my color.  I think I'm going to keep using up my sample of Porcelain and hope summer comes around soon so that I can pick up some color and just use Chamomile happily.

Anyway, a montage of my face.  For comparison purposes:
Anyway, doing this post is bringing up a crisis of identity as a person identifying herself as yellow.  What am I anyway?  What am I exactly?  Also crap!  Future Skin can be worn very sheerly which is what I tend to do which allows a lot of the natural skin tone to come through so that a very exact match is not as critical as wearing other more full coverage foundations.

Am I yellow?  What are you?  How do you match for a foundation when you consider all of your body parts?

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