Blog Blues

It snowed like the dickens this weekend.  I spent some time with my family frolicking in the snow, sledding and making general snow merry.  I attempted to get my children to make for me a new snow woman, perhaps with an updated fotd, to update my blogger profile icon.  But the snow was super powdery and wouldn't hold.  Perhaps the next storm? 
Boing boing boing
I've pretty much fallen off the blogging routine lately and not really have much planned in terms of new posts.  I reserve any and all picture taking to the scant few hours of bright sunlight during the weekend and with gloomy weather, bone chilling temperature, snow (above) and sunset which is at about 4:30pm, it's near impossible to keep it going.  I actually misplaced my camera for 2 weeks and barely missed it at all!

I'm also not sure if its my mood these days, which is unusually low, but my general interest in all the things beauty is a bit on the decline.

A couple of beauty-related things that I am mulling over:
  • maybe buying that extra Chantecaille Future Skin foundation jar in Porcelain, because my Chamecelain is absolutely the best match I've had in all teh long long years of my many decades of living!  (Future Skin posts here & here)
  • trying to thinking about which colors I want to buy of the lipsticks from Visee.  My friend in Japan had sent me a gift of the Visee Creamy Lipstick in RD401 and omg!  I LOVE this to DEATH.  This is a Japanese drugstore brand.  I do wish they had other brights in addition to RD401 which is glorious!  See full color offering here.
RD401 on Belly
  • continued obsessing over Guerlain Rouge G in Girly.  Driveller Kate decapitated one for me *swirls pointed index finger at temple* and I am adoring it!  I shall need to continue to ponder the Girly/ Gracy/ Reflex/ Bianca pink lipstick conundrum.  Why some pooh, why some not pooh?
Girly on lips, THREE holiday coffret on eyes
  • And HELLO?!  I have a giveaway going on, so you must, you must you must increase your bust.  I mean, you must enter!  I know, I know, US residents only this time, because for us sad chaps in the US, the Guerlain Blanc de Perles collection is not easy to acquire.  Enter HERE and it ends on the 18th!
  • Chanel Joues Contrast in Accent.  I don't know what my thing is. I have a low running fever about this blush item.  I'm grateful that it is pretty much out of stock, otherwise I'd be pining away for it.  Now I can just squish this odd lemming.  *SQUISH*
  • Haircut.  I am hankering for a haircut because my hair is so long & boring.  I sometimes take time to style it, but I am so darn bored.  I always regret drastic haircuts because lazy ponytail/bun hybrids are harder to do, and lets face it, that's 80% of my hairstyle.
    insane hair
  • Noticing that even though my no-buy is over, the whole exercise DID seem to take some wind out of my sails in terms of the rate of acquisition.  Very, very interesting.
I got the blogging blahs, how are you these days?  Does your love to beauty related things ebb & flow, too?  What beauty or non-beauty things have been occupying your thoughts?

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