Let's Stroll

In a moment of inebriated and senseless weakness, I loaded up my fantasy Nordstrom shopping cart with all the Guerlain.  I exaggerate a little bit, but did you all see Temptalia's post on all the new releases?  I tend to lose my marbles over all the Japanese new releases, but Guerlain consistently piques my interest every time.  Guerlain's spring, called Meteorites Blossom, has newly reformulated Pearls (*cough* ballz) plus several other perm and limited edition items.  Everything looks so pretty!  Nordstrom seems to have all of them available on line right now.

I was just going to check out my cart and deal with returns later, but it seemed slightly wasteful, since I have all the in person access to pretty much most counters within blocks of me. 

I spied the new Chanel Notes du Printemps spring collection.  Chamade, one of the new cream blushes is beautiful, but I'm trying to self-impose a cream blush ban.  The new quad, Quadrille Lumieres (which Belletristic Beauty reviewed here) didn't move me.

Then I wandered over to the Chantecaille counter to ask for another sample of Future Skin Porcelain.  Now I'm pretty sure I'm buying a jar of this color to mix into my Chamomile, but I want to really make sure I'm doing this thoughtfully, since springing for a second expensive jar should be a well-considered decision.

This is not a rant on Chantecaille in particular, but I really hate the experience of foundation color matching at the counter and asking for samples.  Jan from the Beauty Archivist describes the awkward experience of asking for samples here.  Everything about asking for samples really is cringe inducing for me.  Also, being socially awkward, I'm telling you, all manner of face-to-face encounters make me want to crawl into a hole.

I asked for a Future Skin sample and the SA was happy to help and had a little empty jar.  I asked for Porcelain and then quickly followed up to say, "It's not my color match, obviously, but Chamomile is not working for me right now and I want to mix with Porcelain to correct the tone and shade."  I could tell right away from the look on her face that I've said all the wrong things.  She responded that it's not a good idea and that I would have a hard time mixing the right proportions every time.  That I would become confused.

*scratch head*

True, I was terrible in chemistry lab, and I have no skills mixing libations, but matching two shades of a fairly modest coverage foundation doesn't strike me as particularly brain taxing.  And also, what am I supposed to do, just wear the wrong shade?  Or go to another brand and buy something else?

In the end, I think the SA was just too kind to keep on countering me, so ended up giving me a sample of Porcelain anyway.  So for that, I am very grateful.  Also, a pig-headed consumer with a strong color preference should just be left to her own devices and shades, no?

Oh yes, we were talking about Guerlain and my bloated Nordstrom cart, right?  The counter had the display out and everything looked like delicous candy.  Trying on the products on my hand though, it became clear that they were unlikely to work well for me.
 Here is the new quad, Les Tendres.  The formula seemed softly textured and lovely, but not the level of pigmentation I was looking for.  Also, the two pale shades, especially the mint color was too white/pastel to look great on my skin.  The two deeper shades looked kind of muddy.

 I was most interested in the new limited edition Rouge Automatique and when swatched I was suitably impressed with the intense pigmentation.  You can see Insolence and Attrape Coeur on the left side of my hand.  Beautifully bright, but again too much white in the base.

The bubble-looking blushes, the new Meteorites Blossom Blushes are on the right side, Pink on top and Cherry on the bottom.  I thought it was awfully dry feeling on my skin, so I didn't like them.

There were two glosses on display, but I thought only one was part of the release, the LE Gloss D'Enfer in Star Dust.  You can see it on the bottom of my hand.  It was beautifully iridiscent and sparkly and I was tempted to buy, but remembered that I am not a gloss person!  (I don't know what that pink gloss is next to it)
I'm wearing Insolence Rouge Automatique here.  Pretty, but not my most flattering color:
Another perk of being at the counter is to play with the new ballz in Claire, Medium and Dore.  I guess in-store lights never help, but I couldn't really tell the difference among the three shades.  I was thinking about picking up Claire (fantasy cart) but saw some visible sparkles and thought kind of similar in effect to my LE Dragon ones.  It didn't make sense for me to buy it.  I think if the overall finish was more luminizing without visible shimmer, I think I would have purchased it.

There you go.  Strolling and killing my shopping urges one swatch at a time.  Kill em kill em.

Spring releases intriguing you any?  What have you sprung for from Spring?

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