Suqqu Frame Fix Cream Foundation N

If the thought of buying color products like lipstick, eye shadows and blush sight unseen is scary, imagine buying a foundation sight unseen.  And then think about the expensive pricing of a brand like Suqqu.  Makes a normal person crawl into a blanket fort for the winter and never come out (except for hot chocolate, maybe some wine).  But since I am only slightly normal and only when I pretend-play, and mostly odd when it comes to blind makeup purchases, I had spring for this!  Lucky me, I purchased it from my friend chappiette's blogsale (here) which still has some awesome Suqqu items.
I bought shade 002, which is the palest of the yellow-toned shades.  Definitely a short coming of this foundation is the very limited color range.
The shades with the "00" prefix, like the 002 I have is in the yellow family.  The "10" prefix is neutral and "20" is pink.  Larger the number, darker the shade depth so 003 would be darker than 002. 

From what I can tell 002 is fairly pale, but not very pale.  At the moment, in my palest winter skin state, I am a great match for 002.  So that you can triangulate your match, it seems to be paler than my usual Chantecaille Chamomile and around an NC15 match.  As the coverage is quite full, you'd want to try to get the most accurate color match in this foundation. 

Some thought nuggets I have on the formula and finish:
  • very highly pigmented!  The website recommends two pea-sized globs to cover your face, but for me a teeny tiny glob is enough for the whole face while still achieving full coverage.  So said this jar will last five-ever with my current rate of use.
    more than enough for my whole face
  • the brand describes a lustrous finish, but I find the finish on my skin more matte than lustrous.  While it is not a flat, life-sucking matte, it is definitely flatter than my usual preference for dewier finishes.  I've been finishing it off with a dusting of Guerlain Meterorites Perles du Dragon to get a bit of luster in my face.  On a related note, even on my slightly oily t-zone, I don't need to set this with a setting powder.
  • incredible lasting powers!  I tend to break products down on my skin naturally, but this foundation looks pretty much freshly applied all day long without any noticeable fading even along the usual areas that are prone to fading (like around and under my nose).
  • Photographs beautifully.  Seriously beautifully.  I've had a few pictures taken while wearing this and I can not believe how flawless my face looks.  I actually think it looks better in photos than in real life, although the effect in real life is also very perfected.  There is a high 30+ sunscreen SPF in there due to the Titanium Dioxide.  In natural light with no flash, it looks awesome on the face.  I've taken pictures with flash so you can judge for yourself.
The reason for this post is that I was going to purge this because I had a terrible learning curve applying this.  The first few times I wore this, I really hated it on my face.  I think my murderous feelings towards this foundation were exacerbated by 1) using too much product 2) incorrect application method (for me, anyway), 3) clogged pores and 4) very dry and flaky skin.

Here's what turned it around.  I've become a moisturizing fiend lately trying extra hard (which doesn't mean all that much considering what a lazy-blob I am) to moisturize.  This foundation is not kind to flakes.  I think the very highly pigmented nature of the foundation will cause the product to catch on the flakes and accumulate product in those areas.  I've had some clogged pores in my nose which also seems to be a magnet for excess build up of foundation, so yeah, that also looked really bad.

Here's the application method that seems to work best on me.  I've complained enough on makeupalley to get some advice, which is to apply with fingers on freshly and well-moisturized skin which is still damp.  In effect, the very langorous massage with fingers over moisturizer mixes the foundation with the moisturizer for a more easy to blend product.  What didn't work as well is a Beauty Blender and a goat foundation brush.  I might try this with a MAC 187, but I think the foundation texture is too thick to be blended well by the brush.

Some foundation comparisons so you can see relative shade and depth for the Suqqu Frame Fix Foundation N in 002 versus some others in natural light.  They are built up densely.  These swatches kill me!  Look at all the variety of depth and undertone.  It's like I matched myself to foundation shades in the dark.  OY!
 In slightly different natural light.  Not that my inner arm is a match for my face, but my undertone appears a bit more neutral than I always figured (see how yellow Chamomile is) but definitely not as pinky as the 202 and 203 in the Suqqu.  It seems also to my eye that the 002 FFCN is yellow but cooler toned compared to the Chamomile.  Maybe that's why my Chamomile + Porcelain mix is working out so well these days.
 Now some pictures of my face so you can see how the Suqqu Frame Fix Cream N works.  First up with nothing on.  I'm most red and pigmented on my chin and under my nose.
And now with a light layer of the foundation evenly applied and really worked into my skin.  I've also applied brow stuff (Suqqu Nuancing Brow Palette in Moss Green), Ellis Faas concealer under eyes.
Here I am checking for flashback.  I love glamour shots for the blog, don't you?  There is definitely some flashback.  You can see my face looking whiter compared to my neck where nothing had been applied.  But I don't think the flashback is particularly bad.
Alright, with the works.  Suqqu Eye Shadow Blend palette in Matsukasa, Suqqu Blush in EX-03 Akanemizu, Tom Ford liner in Espresso, Suqqu Creamy Glow Moist in EX-13 Beniaka, Lancome Hypnose Drama Waterproof mascara. 
It was a journey (getting paler, less flakier, applying differently) to get this foundation to work for me.  But I think it was well worth it as the Suqqu Frame Fix Cream N fills a good niche for a full-coverage foundation in my base line up.
Ah, the wonder of makeup in action
Do you keep trying with a product that first strikes you as all wrong or do you keep at it in the hopes of making something (like an expensive something) work?

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