This or This?

(I like to manufacture artificial drama and dilemma so that I can generate some new content on the blog.) 

I was speaking to my fellow makeup obsessive and friend Neicy about revisiting some items I'd posted about earlier and then putting down some further blahbbity blah about it.

One such item is the Tom Ford Eye Defining Pencil in Espresso (here).  I was very positive about it when I posted and guess what?  Since using it down to an almost unusable nub, I like it even more now.  It's a perfect balance for me of creamy pigmentation and smudgeability that I've managed to use it practically every day.  Even amongst my very special THREE pencils and the very utilitarian and capable Pixis, I love Tom Ford's Espresso for beautiful definition and for building smoke!

Some further thought noodles I have:
It won't really last hours and hours indelibly on the waterline.  No, but for my purposes of soft definition, it's perfection.  I also have oily lids, but with my Nars Pro prime, I don't find a significant amount of smearing or fading.

Work horses deserve adoration and LOVE.  Enduring LOVE.  However, ever since I've been seeing the Driveller lady's post on the By Terry Kohl Terrybly in Royal Navy (here) (especially her look 2 with the blue waterline), I've been biding my time until the need to buy BURSTS and becomes all consuming.  Like right now.  Black Panties is also trying to kill me (here).

 Re buy that boring basic work horse or buy BLOOOOOO?  I would use brown nearly every day.  I would use bloo a few times but I would love it and then it would sit in my eye liner drawer.  ("blooo" seems to keep coming up in spell check.  Blooo is a real word: for painfully beautiful BLOO.  What the...?!)

I'm withering away and dying on the inside.  Such feels and such problematic dilemmas.  Won't anyone take away dis pain??  D:  D:  D:

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