THREE Pressed Eye Color Palette Duo in 01 Love Fascination

I realize it's completely possible to write this blog into oblivion by focusing so much on really difficult to buy Japanese luxury cosmetics.  On the one hand, I like the idea that my blog would be useful to others also equally looney about the niche and luxe.  On the other hand, I like to think I am writing to be read.  On the other hand (what, third hand) I like to think I stay true to my nature and focus on the things I am mulling over at the moment, so today, the THREE products I am currently loving.

THREE is available readily (and with a eye smarting markup) at Ichibankao, as well as in physical counters in Japan and Bangkok).

Today, I am featuring the very basic and neutral eye shadow duo Love Fascination from the Japanese brand THREE.
I am in trouble, because on January 15th, the brand releases four more duos as part of the S/S 2014 line up for the enigmatic and beautifully named Optimistic Ethereal collection.  I kind of want to collect them all, but noooo, that would be way too consumerist of me and not in any way sane.
from the Optimistic Ethereal S/S 2014 Collection
clockwise from top left:
07 Let the Happiness in, 08 Third Eye Open, 09 Invisible Ethereal, 10 Dark Eyed Angel

I shall concentrate on the duo I DO own, which is 01 Love Fascination.  It's a combination of a cream-based dark grey taupe on the left, and a lighter slightly dove grey powder shadow.
In other lights, the lighter grey has a more lavender tint.
The darker cream shade is fairly well pigmented and has a lovely, very smooth and malleable texture that is easy to use.  It makes quick work of lining with a firm brush or can be used to create a deep base on the lids.  It has multi-colored shimmer, but it is not garish or blingy.

The lighter shade is impossible fine in texture and sweeps on to the lids beautifully.  There is a sparse silvery shimmer in this shade but mostly reads as a satin.

I've swatched each of the shades in turn and then layered the powder shade over the cream.
 Overall on my skin and on my eyes, the effect is slightly cool with the very fine interest in texture from the shimmer.

You can see the shimmer better in the picture below.
The only con is really about the cream shade, which doesn't completely set and is moveable if you rub it and is prone to fade eventually.  I use everything over my Nars Pro Prime primer which prolongs the wear of this duo, but I have noticeable fading and slight smearing at about 4-5 hours.  It's easily fixable with a patting of my fingertip, but if you are very oily on the eyelids, then you may want to pass on these duos.

Used also: Pixi Endless Silky Pen in Noir Black, Addiction Cheek Polish
in Suspicious, THREE Glam Touch lipstick in Ediths Way
Me, I really like how they sit on my eyelids.  A very basic and neutral duo for sure, but so easy to use and with the most silky and fine texture.  In this look, I've used the cream to build a base on my upper lids to the socket and also under my lower lash line and used the cream to extend the shape out in an elongated way. I've used the powder shade over the entire thing and past the socket line and also under the lower lash line.

How was your Christmas, if you celebrate?  Can you BELIEVE Spring collections are starting to hit counters and websites already?  I am in gloriously beautiful and FRIGID cold New Hampshire.  I'm sorry, it's just started to be winter now.  I don't think I am ready for Spring yet.
Does this look like Spring to you??!!
What's new in the makeup arena for you these days?  Have you tried the THREE duos?  Do they fade and crease on your lids?

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