Visee Creamy Lipstick in RD401

I have not been so crazy in love with a lipstick formula and color in a long time.  I have lots of lipsticks that have become staples because of comfortable wear, which seems to be correlated with generally lower pigmentation.  It's been a very iffy journey finding a lipstick with impressive pigmentation that feels great on my lips, not just when I put it on, but also during the day as I reapply and also during concurrent days of wearing.

My kind friend in Japan included this Visee Creamy Lipstick in a parcel and it sat on top of my lipstick drawers for a while.  I was assuming this is some sheer red lipstick and I had quite a few sheer reds to get through.  I was so stupid.

Visee is part of the Japanese cosmetics company Kose.  They also make Addiction, Rimmel, Cosme Decorte, Paul & Joe among many of their offering.

This unassuming black metal tube holds a beautifully elegant formula!  The etched lace all around the tube is a nice feminine touch.  But does not matter.  What's important is the insides.
Hello, RD401.  I wish Japanese companies gave names to their colors.  It feels so sterile telling you how much I am so impressed with RD401.  "Hello, I like RD401.  RD401 is the WOAH."
RD401 is a bright and saturated pink red.  It's slightly cool and incredible in pigmentation.  Absolutely no scent and no taste!  And hello, it's drugstore (at least in Asia).

Here is a swipe, just one swipe of the bullet on my arm.  It's slightly lustrous, but not super shiny.  It reminds me a fair bit of my really luxurious Guerlain Rouge G's but slightly more emollient in feel and application, but also similarly light on the lips.  There is enough slip for easy glide and it deposits color like THIS:
Wear time is quite good.  First to go is the luster, then a very slow fade into a pinky stain.
It is really beautifully brightening on my skin.  The paler I get, of course the dramatic this shade appears on my face.

I also like how the coolness of this color makes my teeth look white.  Look how rich and kind it looks on my lip lines.  It looks rich without any feeling of heaviness.
You should see my crazy dead eyes in this picture. @___@
I kill you.
Sorry friends from makeupalley.  I've been going on and on about how much I am loving this formula and shade.  Here I am wearing RD401 in the context of my full face.  (Other stuff of note: Addiction Ready to Wear Palette in Sugar Rusk (here), Tom Ford liner in Espresso (here and everywherrreeeee), Rouge Bunny Rouge blush in Florita (here), Lancome Hypnose Drama waterproof mascara.)
I am DYING to get more of these, but looks like the color range is very muted and easy wearing.  Not that there is anything wrong with that (here).  I would totally die happy if Tom Ford's Black Orchid can be made in this formula.  I would dieeeeeeee.  Yes!  AM DRAMATIC MUCH.  Also, here in the states, it seems only available on line from eBay with a big markup.  Other online retailers like adambeauty does not seem to carry this lipstick range.  I think the next time I am in a big Japanese shopping area, I shall scour for these lipsticks.

Hello, Visee company?  Can you please make an awesome vamp color, a true neutral red and a bright pink please?  Oh!  It looks like for Spring, an insanely bright pink is coming out (here) as seen in Rouge Deluxe.  Dang it!  Another limited edition!  Bah humbug.

Ok, Sephora sales over.  Slight lull in sales and promotions.  What incredible new favorites have you uncovered that you want to shout about?

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