30 Random Facts About Me

My special thanks @___@ to Monika from Rocaille Writes for this tag.  Which forces me to count upwards of thirty.  A big number to be sure.  Only exceeded by my numbers of lipsticks.  And eye shadows.  And blush.  And...

You don't need a nice cup of tea of enjoy this post.  You need a chair and a horse tranquilizer.  Enjoy.  /commencing wall of text

1. Speaking of the number thirty, I was born in South Korea and appears I've failed to master several basic skills related to the Korean language while there.  There are two ways of counting in Korean.  One can count based on Chinese characters (which I can do), but Korean counting, I truly struggle counting past 30.  So I say, thank goodness we're talking 30 randoms about me versus like 40, because shiiiiiiit, we'd be in trouble.  (If you are interested in learning a little more about counting in Korea, check out this excellent blog post from Ask A Korean here)

2. On math, I did learn my multiplication table pretty well though.  But I memorized it in Korean.  And while my English skills far exceed my original native tongue, I can only do multiplication in my head in Korean.  That's some freaky hard wiring in the brain going on.

3. I used to travel a LOT a LOT for work and I love long haul flights.  I never had any beauty rituals or anything, but would stay up for the duration of a long haul flight to Hong Kong and watch 5 movies in succession.  There was that time I watched Hachi with Richard Gere and I started to cry, I mean truly sob heaving sobs on a flight.  I wasn't embarrassed!  I think the business dude next to me may have been embarrassed on my behalf.

4. Best flight experiences were always on Cathay Pacific where movies are non stop, as are endless snacks and meals all around.  Food-wise, Korean Air rocks for it's epic bibimbap (with a SQUEE-inducing little gochujang tube) and snack of shin ramen.

Apparently Korean Air has a blog on blogpost?!
source :http://koreanairpr.blogspot.com/
5. I thought I would grow up and become a poet.  Won awards as a student.  I am a poet, and I didn't even know it.

6. I have a horrible, rude, completely juvenile sense of humor.  A coworker pronounces shirt "Shart."  I can't even deal with the body wracking tremors of giggly laughter that spews.  Look, I said shart and spew.

7. Worst thing about parenting (since we are on a poop roll) is seeing poop and seeing it often. (this factoid was aggressively edited.  you're welcome)

8. I'm obsessive.  My blog helps me work through makeup I'm obsessing over, but I get obsessed over things like: best gel pens ever.  best rose scented perfumes ever.  best lilac nail polish ever.  best thermal underwear ever.  best bloootooth head piece ever <---drawer full of headpieces for which I'd worn for a short period until I realized, I looked like an asshole.

9. I have a vivid makeup related memory to share.  When I was a kid (12 or so), my sister and I went to TSS (like a K-Mart) in Maspeth, Queens taking the M train.  (fellow Queens dwellers in the house?  Holla!)  I remember selecting a $0.99 frosted pink nail polish to purchase, taking it to the counter.  Painstakingly counting out pennies and arriving at $0.98.  The cash register lady said I couldn't buy it.  Wah!  I still tear up thinking about it.

10. Speaking of things I couldn't have, as a kid I really loved Sanrio stationary and knick-knacks.  Until I was old enough to actually buy my own and then lost all interest.  This seems to be a theme with my consumption patterns, too!  Can easily obtain, no want!

11. I strained myself into thinking I would become pre-med in college (severe parental pressure) until it became clear that my lack of counting skills would prohibit competent care of patients.  In the name of health and well-being for the population, I changed my mind.

12. I like to sing, loudly and obnoxiously.  In a group singing setting, I'm the one oddly attempting a harmony and butchering the lyrics.  Eyes without a Face?

13. I've lost all will to wear nice shoes.  I used to work where I'd get discounts to all sorts of fancy shoes and had a most epic collection.  When my husband and I were selling our apartment, the real estate agent advised us to lock up the shoes to thwart any attempt at theft.  Now it's flip flops in the summer or Keens and snow boots in the winter.

14. I used to be a huge reading fanatic.  And have really not read much in a long while.  I love reading Haruki Murakami, though 1Q84 was really misogynistic and full of round perky boobs.  I've been working on reading MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood (another favorite author of mine), but struggling to get engaged.  I think in the era of smartphones, 40-character social engagement, soundbites and 6-second video clips, my ability to sustain my attention has really fallen off.  Dohh?  I've become stupider.

15. I think this you already know from my last post on taking blog pictures, but I'm really interested in learning to take better digital photographs.  Not only for the blog, but for the rest of the things I take pictures of.  (dangle dangle)

16. I spend a lot of time (excluding normal makeup thoughts) thinking about food and coffee.  I spend daydreaming minutes anticipating my next cup of coffee.  I swoon in the morning smelling the coffee maker auto-timer going off and delicious coffee scent filling the house.  While at one point I was into fanceh smanceh coffee and brew methods, I am actually now a big fan of Dunkin Donuts.  Don't throw your cup at me!  You just a SNOB!  and I'm just a PLEBE!  I buy the giant 50 pound bag at Costco on the regular.  (I don't have an addiction.  I don't know what you are implying)  And only half and half.  No sugar and no skim milk shit.  In general I almost always prefer iced coffee and will cold brew it.  But it's too cold now.  TOO COLD FOR LIFE.
17. I seem to have a poor internal thermostat.  I am always over heating or feeling cold.
18. Growing up in a very urban area, I seem to be missing some critical life skills.  I swim barely.  I'm just learning to ride a bicycle now.  I only got my drivers license at the age of 22.  Now I'm in the suburbs where my children swim like fish, ride bikes on the roads and I will drive as soon as they are allowed.

19. I love ethnic cuisine, but the first taste of anything usually not a good experience.  Vietnamese, Indian, Thai, Mongolian foods were all yuck.  Great now, but yuck then.  I've only had filipino cuisine once and did not enjoy it.  I suspect if I went back to try again, I would have a much better experience.  It's something about the initial onslaught of unfamiliar flavors that is overwhelming.

20. While I love city living (lived in NYC and recently spent time living in Seoul), suburban life is very enjoyable.  I love looking out of a window at home and seeing trees, hearing birds. 

21. I once ate a pound of bacon in one sitting.
22. I once ate a pound of sharp cheddar cheese over the course of one day.

23. I have a healthy respect and love for country music.  More alt country, though.  I like Ryan Adams and when he plays with the Cardinals.  Cold Roses is one of my favorite albums and in particular, Magnolia Mountain makes me weepy.

24. I think Jeff Buckley died too young. 

25. Delicious things remembered through the lens of childhood can become truly disgusting.
Intestines.  To be consumed with soju.  To kill the taste.
26. I love horror movies.  I don't know why!  In particular love zombie related movies (and books).  Obviously I am still watching the Walking Dead and eagerly awaiting its return from mid-season break.

27. I don't care how cold it is.  I can not abide by socks in bed.  That is just disgusting.  In college I wore flip flops during the winter.  Don't you see?  My toes need to breathe and have freedom of movement.

28. Seeing Ladurée shopping bags on the street make me filled with woes.  I don't want pastries!  I want the makeup!

29. I started this blog for many reasons, but one was to generate enough traffic to conduct blog sales.  It's true.  There was a purely commercial reason for it.

30. I never did become a poet. :(

You poor thing.  Now that you've been overly saturated with the Belly, you can poke yourself in the eye for having read all this nonsense. 

Want to share a few random facts about yourself in the comments?  Also, because tagging is loving, I tag:
I also keep on hearing whine whine whine.  30 facts.  so MANY facts.  Just make things up.  Bet you can't even tell where I am just making stuff up.

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