Cocktail #4 The Camellia - Shiseido Eye Color Bar

I don't care that Spring collections are hitting the counters now.  I am still in full-throttle holiday mood.  Remember the Shiseido Eye Color Bar?  I was so gaga over it that I even put a new series label titled Color Cocktails professing to do many more looks.  Seeing this is only look #4 that I am putting up, I've not been all that prolific or consistent.  In truth, while in the beginning I've used this palette consistently for several weeks, I was also buying a lot of other makeup at that time and this ended up in the drawer.  The palette has a gorgeously abstract camellia flower design with the shades of the palette on it.  It kept on catching my eyes as I opened by eye shadow drawer that I had to do something with it.

Coupled with the fact that I made a trip to Target and came upon the most pristine display of NYX.  Oddly enough, this is my first real life encounter with NYX.  Obviously, it's a big brand with many fans, but not having an ULTA nearby and no real leanings towards lower end cosmetics, I never really gave it a second thought.  But when you're buying toilet paper and a beautifully clean display of makeup is in front of you, well, you pick up this:
Say hello to Milk.  This particular item is often recommended to use as a base to intensify eye shadow colors.  I do this by layering over a cream black shade (like Shiseido Caviar eye shadow) and didn't think much of trying this.  Now with the tools, I gave this a try.

You can forgive me for my really dry and broken out skin and my fleece.  It is FREEZING here as it is in many parts of the country.

I was inspired by the abstract camellia flower.  I'm not sure there is a color I didn't use in this look.
Not exactly an office friendly eye look, but layering the shades over NYX Milk certainly boosted the amp on the colors.  I actually don't think this is something I'd wear anywhere outside of my bathroom, but a nice technique in the arsenal as well as showing off the beauty of the Shiseido Eye Bar.

Don't you ever wonder what happens to products bloggers go nuts about a few months later?  Apparently, they end up in a drawer!

How are you keeping warm this week?  Are you spending your indoor time playing with makeup like me?  What new techniques have you recently learned that you want to share?

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