Crabby in All Sort of Manners

My irascible temperament these days is making me want to flip the bird all over the place.

Trying to maintain balance (the literal kind) on the slip and slide that is the icy streets and sidewalks, fending off crazy drivers who I'm sure are trying to smash into me... it's been rough.

Ok, nice things:
  • Seeing my little one in her ballet outfit jumping around
  • Seeing my big girl dribbling the basketball on the court
  • Cooking a truly delicious crab pasta from a Lidia Bastianich cookbook for the family to enjoy and share.  Here is the Google Book's view of the full recipe (here, page 127) :(   capellini lightly sauced with fresh marinara with lump crab meat, leeks, scallions, pickled cherry pepper, anchovies.  Absolute savory delight with al dente pasta!
Speaking of nice things, I love reading Claire's Thankful Tuesday series on her blog from the land of lorp.  A very reflective moment in writing of the things in life to be thankful for.  

Perhaps I am not thankful or reflective enough.  Especially when the work vending machine takes my dollar bill and instead of spitting out the Hersey's bar, getting it stuck mid-dispensing.  I mean, man, that puts me into a near rage!  <---anger management potential right there.

And maybe instead of flipping the bird at the driver making a right turn and almost hitting me, maybe I should thank my lucky stars, for not letting me get hit after all.  *Heavy sigh*

Look what I finally bought!  A full jar of of Chantecaille Future Skin in Porcelain.  See, a few deluxe samples made me convinced I need a full size for mixing into my Chamomile.
Which doesn't necessarily mean I don't look at other foundations.  At a counter on a recent visit to a store, an SA recommended a particular foundation.  She first matched me to the darkest shade in the range.  When I protested, she went one shade down.  I think this whole foundation matching conundrum has become an unreasonable pet peeve for me.  I shall shrug and move on now. 

*shrug shrug shrug*  *eye twitch*

Moving on:

Lydia Bastianich's Capellini with Crab Meat, butchered, I mean demonstrated:

Though the recipe calls for a cup of this or 1/4 cup of that, I chop as much as I want.  For instance, I like a small number of those cherry peppers.  If I were making this for myself, I would buy the hot variety and throw in a ton, but I have to say that the kids do protest loudly when I do that.  So in this case, sweet variety and just two of them.  Don't forget to really wash those leeks by letting them soak in water.  They are full of sand.

While I was preparing this, I ate an anchovy all by myself.  Even those not fans of it on pizza, wouldn't mind the salinity and depth of flavor these suckers provide in a dish.  Not fishy, just YUMMY!
I make my own marinara sauce but out of a jar is fine.  You want that heated and nearby while you go about chopping and preparing the rest of the sauce.

In a large pan, heat up some extra virgin olive oil and dump the anchovy fillet in.  Magically it breaks down into nothingness.  Leaving no fish, just yum.
I said, YUM!
 Into that pan toss in your leeks, let soften.  Then add the scallions and chopped cherry peppers.  Let small child gently toss them around the pan for a few minutes, while you go smoke a ..., I mean, while it softens up and become fragrant.
No small children were harmed in the making of this blog post.
Ladle in the marinara sauce.  Recipe calls for 2 cups, but I put in more to make some extra sauce to freeze.
 Bribe child to stir until mixed, pry her off the stove to allow sauce to bubble away gently.
 In the meanwhile, before you even began to get hungry, you should have put a big pot of water to boil.  Toss in some salt.  At the stage when you sauce (above) is bubbling away like so, throw your capellini (or angel hair pasta) into the pot.  I swear to Pan, do NOT walk away.  You want to only very quickly cook this pasta for 2 minutes.  It will cook some more in with the sauce and there is nothing worse than overcooked capellini.  Except when Shu Uemura discontinues your HG cleansing oil.  That may be worse than overcooked capellini.  Apart from that, this is pretty much the worst thing that can happen.
 After 2 minutes (pasta pliable but hard), drain the water, toss the pasta back in the pasta pot.  Reserve a cup or two of the pasta water.  You can add the extra water in to get the right consistency later on.

Now to complete the sauce, add the lump crab meat into the sauce and gently stir to break up the giant glob.  But don't stir too hard.  You paid a lot of money for the big jumbo lumps.
 Once the crab is mixed into the sauce, put on top of the pasta.  Add another big glug of olive oil, toss gently with tongs.  If the sauce seems awfully thick, chuck in your reserved pasta water until you get a saucy consistency to your preference.
 Hot pasta waits for no one.  Not a Sephora sales event, not a husband meandering around the house.  You get that pasta onto a heated plate and you consume it quickly.  It is best enjoyed piping hot.

I thank the good Lord that my livelihood depends neither on my blog, my cooking nor my photography skills.  This looks bizarre (kind of like Martha Stewart's food pictures on Twitter), but I attest its deliciousness.
Needs a green garnish or something
You can store left over pasta in fridge but really, do your best to consume right after you make it.  Invite friends and family.  It's really at its best served right away.  However, I found extra sauce to freeze pretty well. So there's that.

Pasta cooking rules:
Lots of olive oil.  Add more to the final product.
Damn it don't over cook your pasta!
Finish your pasta cooking in the sauce.
Add more oil.
I hope to Pan you did not forget to salt your pasta water.
Hot finished pasta waits for no one.

And so that's that.

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