Fun / Not Fun

I feel such an urge for mindless shopping yet trying to retain a modicum of control.  This entails opening up countless browsers, loading up many imaginary shopping carts, experience weight of anticipatory regret and then the clicking out of browser windows.  My "Let's Stroll" post spoke a bit about it.

The hours of sunlight in a day are slightly longer, but I truly feel like the lack of light is getting to me.  Whether it's the physical manifestation of my paler skin, or the fatigue that comes from a vitamin D deficiency, I feel not at my very best.  (nothing wrong with pale, I just mean, I feel very sun deprived)  These are the times where the small itty bitty sparks of happy consumption behaviors are so appealing.  It's not a very productive behavior in terms of self soothing.  Its high is so fleeting.

Buying makeup is fun.
Researching beautiful things is fun.
Sharing information with readers is fun.
Paying the bill is not fun.
Discovering a dud is not fun.
Returning makeup is frightening.

The other day, I went to the Chanel counter and made a splurge.  Slightly irrational, I might add, since I was just planning on swatching the Illusion D'Ombre in Diapason but ended up purchasing that plus the Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Controversy.
I don't even like gloss.  But the color was gloriously deep and I loved the color.  I am  trying out both my new goodies below.

Unfortunately, while the gloss felt great on my lips and lasted hours and hours (!!), the color applied so patchy unevenly that it was no good.  No.  Just NO.  Normally, I would stick this in my lipstick drawer and it would it would end up in a blog sale, but I went back to the store and returned it!  Have you read Gummy's Return to Sender series?  Gosh dang it, I was going to return something so I meekly went back.  And when the SA asked if it was used, I had a moment of panic wondering if there is a right answer and a wrong answer.  Well the SA was so kind and processed the return and we chatted briefly about how beautiful the Illusion D'Ombre Diapason is.  (Meanwhile, cold sweat in the armpits)
Feeling a few dollars richer, (which is kind of ridiculous), I went to the SURRATT counter.  I've been eyeballing one of the lipgloss shades since my first visit at the counter.  No, I don't LIKE glosses, as I said.  But... it's BLOO VIOLET PURPLE!
SURRATT Lip Lustre in Amethyste
Do I feel any better?  No, only for a small moment.  But did you see that gloss?!  Time to play!

You have winter blues, too?  The post holiday period is always such a let down.  What are your best beauty and non-beauty mood enhancers?  We can keep the discussion mostly legal in most of the US/ globe.

SURRATT Lip Luster in Améthyste

THREE Pressed Eye Color Duo in 04 Love Satisfaction