It's Another Year, You Say?

I was thinking about closing out 2013 with a blog post listing all the new goodies I loved during the year, but in true Belly fashion, those things are behind me and I am already salivating profusely about the new and the next.  How I balance this with a requirement for thoughtfulness (in spending and selection) will be very difficult indeed.

Are you in the mood for a rambling post?

On makeupalley, we were posting photos of ourselves from the 90's and the 00's to close out the year.  Here I share with you a picture circa 1993 or so.  I was going to some formal and dressed up.  In going through the pictures from that period, I seem to favor dark red lipsticks and nothing else.  (or is this the iconic brown of the 90's?  I can't tell from the poor quality picture)  Also seemed to really favor the tweezer.  I am SO VERY THANKFUL that my brows have grown back.
Then.  Where are my EYEBROWS?!
And here I am from yesterday.  Look, I'm so proud of my brows.
The very last day of 2013.  Going out in STYLE.
Today being New Years, we shall conclude the day with tteok guk, a Korean rice cake soup with is a traditional dish for the New Year.  That's on the stove now, but during the way, our family went out to Flushing, Queens and ate an obscene amount of dim sum.  Which seems to have a correlation to why I can't fit into that dress from college anymore.  Hmm *looks down at beer belly*

And here is my makeup of the day:
Wearing the Suqqu foundation I featured yesterday (here), THREE winter coffret duo on eyes with the gold liner from the coffret (here), THREE blush in Love Kick (here) and SURRATT Lipslique in Hevyn.

Here's to 2014.  Another Year, Another Beauty Blog.  Doing my weird thing.

Happy New Year to All!

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