Lancome Hypnose Drama WP Mascara

I've not posted about mascaras in a long time.  It's one of those routine things I do, but still important.  My natural lashes are very fine, sparse and mostly straight.  When I first started to wear makeup, I didn't wear mascaras finding most to smear, clump and look altogether terrible.  Besides, enhancing such flimsy little wisps didn't seem to be worth the effort.  I've changed my ways!

Here are the things I use for enhancing my lashes.
Latisse you see in the little white bottle, along with my favorite mascara - Lancome Hypnose Drama WP, my ever faithful guillotine the Suqqu eye lash curler, and my sometimes tool the Tweezerman ILASHCOMB.

The Lancome Hypnose Drama WP mascara has a really weird funky wand that puzzled me when I first started to use it.  It has a curved shape.  The bristles are slightly far apart, which gives a dramatic effect when used.
I finally figured out that the best way to use the wand was to hold the inside of the curve against the lashes and sweep up.  I like how this pretty much gets the corners of my eyes pretty well in one sweep.

Here are my bare lashes, which are really truly puny.  This is with six months of Latisse, so you can imagine that naturally they are even more so shorter and finer.  And because my eyelids are hooded, they really retract into the hoods to look even shorter than they are.
Now a picture of my lashes curled with my eyelash curler.  It's a pretty amazing thing what curling does making them look much longer than they are in their regular state.
An attribute of a waterproof mascara is its ability to maintain the curl.  If you find that your mascara weighs down and droops the curl, a waterproof mascara might be a good alternative.  Another thing I notice that works for me is a slightly drier mascara formula, which waterproof ones tend to be and the Hypnose Drama one has a slightly dry formula.

Here I am with one coat applied.
I've applied a second coat to the upper lashes as well as coated the lower lashes with what was left over on the wand.  I only used the comb to pick out any little clumps, but seeing my lashes so magnified, I can see how I should have combed through a bit better!
The color of the mascara is very black and really provides a dramatic effect, at least for my lashes.  Being waterproof, I use a good deal of cleansing oil to work it through my lashes to remove.  No flaking, no smearing and excellent curl holding!
Anyway, this mascara I've repurchased many times and I find that even when I experiment with other brands, I always have one of these open.  You will also see this mascara mentioned on many of the looks I post on the blog.
What is your favorite mascara and any tips for us suffering from fine and skimpy lashes?

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