SURRATT Lip Luster in Améthyste

I definitely fall into impulse purchases.  Something striking and unusual to capture my eye will mean my wallet is prone to falling open and a credit card likely to fling itself at the cash register.  You?
 Yes indeedy.  One thing I try to stay away from is lip gloss.  I just don't like them.  I know there are legion of people that are gloss lovers, but I don't like the feel of slick thick goop on my lips.  I also love the look of a super glossy lips, but all that reapplication is a pain.

 But a look at this gorgeous beauty and I'm afraid my wallet had to give up the ghost, or rather the credit card.
 I mean, what the hell color is this?  Violet?  Pink?
 Is this unbelievably deliriously beautiful shimmer of iridescent bling bling?
 Can a swipe of the flattened flocked applicator make me love gloss?   Well, maybe not so fast but I will attest to its charms.
 Here is the gloss, first own its own, then layered over Tom Ford Black Orchid lipstick, and then layered over Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Reflex.  It's magical enough on its own, but over a a shade that has a lot of blue in it, the effect is magical.
 The crazy shimmer seems to really dance in certain lights.  In indirect natural light, the shimmer is apparent, but not as obnoxiously blingy as in the above direct natural light.  Low indirect light below.
There is a bit of cool blue in the gloss by itself, but on my naturally cool toned lips, it's really just enhances the cool tones subtly.
Again, it's all rather magical on cool lipsticks.  Here's what Améthyste looks like over Tom Ford's Black Orchid.
Truly truly beautiful.  But here is classic reason number 1 why lip glosses and I just do not get along.  I'm wearing the gloss over pinky red Visee Creamy Lipstick in RD401.  You see that red line under my lips on the left side?  Hair dragged in gloss and then over skin.  *violent shudder*
The goopy thick texture on the lips.  *gag*
The constant reapplication.  *stifles rage*
Am I going to keep this?  Of course I am!  It's freaking beautiful!  Maybe I can come out of my bat cave at night and do some nocturnal shiny glossy nightlife thing?  Eh?

For the gloss lovers among you, this is a slightly thick, super glossy gloss of incredible shimmer.  I'm sure some of you will require this gloss pronto!  SURRATT is exclusively at Barney's online & in stores.  Not in stock at the moment on line, but you can give the counter a call to order from the store.  Joey, the counter manager can help you (212) 833-2824.  

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