The Sweetest Comeback - Twinkies

A while back, Hostess, the snack-cakes company went out of business.  Many tears were shed over some iconic snack cakes.  Like the Twinkies.  But sometime in the middle of last year, a new company was established and Hostess cakes made a stupendous comeback.  I kept hearing about Twinkies sightings, but all I ever saw were empty shelves and unfulfilled promises.  Until I went into a local drugstore and found a mass of these and bought one.  I mentioned about my spur of the moment purchases and I guess this would be one of them.
I don't think I've eaten one of these since maybe college or high school?  Of course in those days, this was such a delicious treat.  A sponge cake filled with a white cream.  Sugary, soft and melt in your mouth.  How does it hold up 20 years later?  (Shelf life is well over one month, my memories are about 20 years old)
Plastic wrapper removed, the two cakes are awfully yellow.  It is very heavily scented with vanilla.  Or vanilla-y.  It smells sweet, too.  Hmm.

While not terribly heavy, for such an airy looking cake, it has a bit of heft.  You can see the machine poked holes stuffing it full of "cream."
Broken in half and peering into the inside, you can see there is a very high cream to cake ratio.  The cake was also very moist with the darker outside layer sticking to my fingers.
So how did it taste?  Overwhelmingly sweet and artificial tasting!  The cream was textured like shaving foam with a slight bitter aftertaste which was covered up with the cloying sweetness and fake vanilla.  Don't ask me if I finished eating both of them.  Going back with an overwhelming sense of nostalgia, I was crushed with disappointment.  I shall choose to remember Twinkies for the airy and delightful sweet confections of my childhood and pretend it died last year and never made its god forsaken comeback.

Ha, I fooled you!  Certainly if you been patient (or looney) enough to go through a whole post about Twinkies, you can stay a few more minutes for my "stash" pictures.  Why do we call it stash any way?  I feel like we're talking about a hidden trove of illicit substances.  Anyway, I'm forever figuring how I want to refine my products and definitely this blog has been thinking more about what are products, textures, brands that seem to work well for me.  Here's what I'm down to now.

This is my eye shadow drawer (IKEA Alex).
My pride and joy (makeup wise) are my Z Palettes of depotted eye shadows.

Rouge Bunny Rouge:

Suqqu depotted palettes:

THREE quads and duos:

Some other brands (Burberry, Chanel, Shiseido and one remaining Kjaer Weiss blush in Blossoming):

And my non-depotted eye shadow.

Suqqu (which I will likely depot soon.  I need them to continue to be "worth" it before I give them the honor of prying them out of the cases and into a Z):
Tom Ford:
A few others:

Blush drawer:

Pencil things drawer:

the MUJI acrylic case of lipsticks:

Base / Hair / Perfume / etc stacked into MUJI plastic bins:
and un-stacked:

Also skincare drawer with some backups and odds and ends:

Nail polish drawer:

This is the end result of many rounds of editing (and blog sales).  There is some ruthlessness is having to get rid of pretty things, but everything needs a reason for being in the drawer/bin.  Everything needs to perform and look its very best.

Now that I've shown you Twinkies and my whole stash, I feel like the blog is KAPUT!  I feel like I can always give the blog a little revving up by insinuating that there are even more things to show, but I really don't have much to show.  No, I really don't.  I may need to start swatching nail polish base coats or something.  In any case, for whatever reason you stay and read Wondegondigo, I am truly humbled and grateful.  And also feeling slightly nauseous from the Twinkies.

THREE 4D Eye Palette in 04 Art of Parties

SURRATT Lip Luster in Améthyste