THREE 4D Eye Palette in 04 Art of Parties

This post wraps up my posts on the THREE 4D Eye Palettes.  You can take a look at Star Guitar and Mystery Girl.  These quads and the duos I own have been in pretty much constant rotation since I've been fast purchasing them and I have noticed that in terms of performance (on my oily, creased lids) and pigmentation vary somewhat among them.  While the colors may or may not be to absolutely everyone's liking, I am finding this one to perform best of the ones I own.  This is not to say any of the other ones are lacking, but with the cream shades in particular, I have found not all to suit me perfectly.  As an example, the duo Love Satisfaction is an inspired color combination, but the bright beautiful blue fades very quickly on me.  Mystery Girl quad also seems to have a wonky cream shade, and it is much crumblier and drier in texture than all the other cream shades I own.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't dry out into something I can no longer use.

Coming back around to say that Art of Parties performs beautifully.  It's a combination of neutrals plus that bright reflective purple.

  • The cream shade in Art of Parties is the very deep charcoal, which is profusely full of shimmer.  Hope you can see the green, pink, gold and white in this picture.  (go ahead, a click the picture for a better view)  I wear everything over my Nars primer and I have no fading or creasing with this cream until the very end of a long work day.
  • The sandy peach is the glitter shade, which has a warm, sheer base but sparkles with cool silvery and pale gold shimmer.  
  • The medium brown is a very well pigmented color that looks deceptively satin finished in the pan, but warmly reflects gold in the light.
  • The lavender is silky and cool, with smaller particles of shimmer (than the cream).

I mentioned in my Twinkies post that if I truly love an eye shadow palette, they have the distinct honor of being pried out from their palettes and placed into a free-form palette.  This is one such well-loved quad!  The THREE pans pry out easily with a very thin sliver (like a knife) which can be wedged between the pan and the case.  It is held by very soft and gooey glue.  And of course, easy enough to put back into the case.
Here are swatches clockwise from the top left.  This is more color accurate and in indirect natural light. I can't emphasize enough just how light and silky the powder shades are.  Infinitely blend-able and airy light in texture.  In the Art of Parties, the cream is soft and silky and reminds me of a dry beauty oil but with the body of a cream product.  It is particularly easy to apply and blend.
I'm afraid the lighting nor the quality of these swatches do these eye shadows a whole lot of justice.
This is my go-to placement and combination of colors when I use Art of Parties.  I like the combination of the lavender that reflects strongly in the Art of Parties, with the pink tones in the lips (Suqqu Bright Up lipstick in Hanabeni) and cheeks (Laduree blush in 06).
I also wanted to show the complexity of the layered shades (cream, brown, lavender) which is the dominant "color" in the eye shadow placement in the look above.
I mentioned above the sparkles in this palette and here they are in all their glory!  While I wear this during the day and find it appropriate for me, I can see how it can be a little over the top for some others.  What?  You don't also work in a discotheque?

The complex shimmer!  The shifts in tone, the textures!  
Here are some super close ups of my eyes in direct (I mean really really direct *squint*) natural light.  If you click on the picture, you can see the sparkles glimmering around.  While I didn't capture of the intensity of the shimmer on my eyes in these pictures, in real life, the sparkle can be rather intense.  Which I like.   *___*
Face again, in cooler indirect natural light which the lavender shade really seems to shine in.
Looking at the rest of the quad line up, I don't see any palettes that I am drawn to at the moment.  So I turn my eyes to the new releases of the permanent duos.

What do you think of bright shimmers in the day time?

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