AmorePacific Time Response Skincare

This is something like the third or fourth time I've written this post.  What's the big deal, right?  Post some product shots, show some goo, talk about the scent, the effectiveness (or non-effectiveness), some ingredient listing and call it a day right?  This is probably the part of my beautification routine that gives me the most agita.  It's one thing to talk about all the things described above, but once you look at it through the lens of cost, things begin to looks altered and grotesque.

I never, ever list pricing on this blog.  This is for several reasons (good, bad and bizarre).

  • One is my supreme laziness which prohibits effort related to digging up a receipt or looking on line to look at price.  I can't even be bothered sometimes to link to a shop where products featured are available to be purchased.  
  • Another is a self-defense mechanism.  Have you ever added up the money spent on purchases?  Seeing I am generally a luxury-only consumer, this sum total would be large.  Very very very large.  Do I really want to look myself in the eye while pondering the size of my beauty purchases?
  • Also is to give impression of sanity and something akin to savvy.  Knowing details, being well spoken, being well presented gives you, the reader, some impression that I know what the heck I'm talking about.  Once the price of a specific item is revealed, you may start to question my sanity.
It's impossible to talk about the Time Response range of AmorePacific products without talking about the price.  AmorePacific in itself is a luxury skincare brand and Time Reponse is the flagship line within the brand's many offerings.  You can find various lines of AmorePacific in Sephora but the distribution of Time Response tends to be in the more upscale of the stores.

Let's come back around to all this in a bit.

A while I ago, I was living in Seoul and my apartment had the driest forced-air heating and cooling system.  My first winter there, my skin had gone from being ok to something needing some serious and urgent care.  I had started tretinoin a little prior to this and was using it like a lunatic (too often, too much) and the dry air at home and the unbelievably frigid temperatures pretty much wrecked my skin.  I had cracks that bled and the word "flakes" didn't begin to describe the patches of skin falling off my face.  (EW)

I was inspired by my colleagues and the culture of Korea which emphasized really diligent care of skin.  And since in Korea, do as the Koreans do.  I started off buying all sorts of locally available products, but it wasn't until I started to sample and try out AmorePacific's Time Reponse line that I had a skincare epiphany.  My skin, once indulged just flourished.  It doesn't hurt that in Korea, all the cosmetics brands generous give samples and gifts with purchases.  This giant Green Tea Flower Candle is one such gift.

Part of the indulgence is layering and layering of multiple products to really let the active ingredients sink into your skin and then applying a layer to protect the skin's barrier.  I'd previously been a wash & maybe slap some moisturizer kind of a person but I was completely awed with the effectiveness of this approach.

I don't use everything in this range, but use the ones I find really important.  First up is the Skin Renewal Toner which I use after washing my face.  I shake some on to a cotton pad and wipe on my face.  Toner is meant to remove impurities from the water you used to wash your face as well as to get your skin more pH balanced.  Works?  I think so.  I find that omitting this step seems to make the other stuff I use after this not soak in as quickly into the skin.
The second product I use is the lotion, called the Skin Renewal Fluid which is dispensed via a pump top.  On the one hand, it's a beautifully light moisturizer without greasiness or heaviness.  I use this as my morning moisturizer prior to my makeup application.  On the other hand, I question why I need this when I have two more steps to apply after this.
The third step is the Skin Renewal Serum.  It's supposed to be a very potent mix of botanical ingredients to regulate melanin production, brighten skin, spur collagen production among many listed benefits.  It also boosts the effectiveness of the Creme and Gel Creme when used in conjunction with those items.

And for me the last step is the Gel Creme.  I normally use the richer formulated Creme (with more Shea butter, Jojoba butter) in the winter, but I mistakenly bought the Gel Creme. -____-    I'm actually finding the Gel Creme rich enough as long as I am keeping up with the steps before it.
 I don't understand why a product would be in an open jar such as this to potentially be contaminated or oxidized.  It does come with a spatula so that I don't stick my fingers directly into the creme.

Gel Creme feels very light, but with a lot of body to the gel.  It leaves a slight stickiness to the skin once applied.
I don't use eye creams.  I feel that if the ingredients in the other products are potent enough, it should be good enough for the all of my face, including eye area.

One of the interesting feature of these products is that instead of plain old water, bamboo fluids and green tea plant fluids are used.  All of these products are chock full of botanical ingredients like bamboo sap, cactus, blah blah blah.  Everything is very scented with a nondescript botanical scent.

Amazing thing is that it really works beautifully on my skin.  I think I have better skin over the age of 40 (soon 41!) than I did in my twenties.  A good part of it is better cleansing, good genes, sunscreen use  and retin-a, but I do have to give this skincare routine it's due.  I wake up on the morning and my skin looks amazingly glowing, plump and moisturized.

Do you know what gives me all the heebie-jeebies when I write or think about this?  All the products mentioned, minus the candle (which was a gift with purchase) retail at full price for $1335.  Yes!  One thousand three hundred thirty-five dollars.  And I haven't even added an eye cream.  I usually take advantage of the various beauty events, like the Bergdorf Goodman one where I get a discount with a qualifying purchase.  But hear me, it's a SHIT LOAD of money spent regardless of the posh gift with purchase or money saved.

Now we start looking through things via a fun house mirror where I start to appear to approach a cliff called insanity.

I can't believe you are still reading this, but do I recommend it?  If you have a lot of disposable income where spending such an amount doesn't faze you, go right ahead.  Make sure to get samples first so that you can check for your own individual allergies and sensitivities.  Definitely smell it first because I don't think everyone would like the strong scent.  I do think layering the products provides the most effective results.  Definitely take advantage of the various events around.  Nordstrom during the Anniversary event offered the cream in a kit with other full-sized products also included.  Bergdorf Goodman's events is also a great time to get some dollars saved.  If you have an opportunity to shop in Korea, Lotte Duty Free in COEX has the best prices I've seen globally (also great with samples and gifts).

Though I love these products and would like to continue to use them forever, I am actually transitioning my skin care routine.  Can I get the same effects as Time Response with less expensive products?  That's the goal.  If my wandering don't work, I may need to come back to this old routine though.

Recently for cleansing, I've been using organic raw cold pressed coconut oil.  I've been using several other moisturizers and creams.  This has all been touch and go as some of them have been causing breakouts.  I've recently purchased Pixi Beauty's version of the Biologique Recherche P50 toner.  I am on the lookout for a good anti-aging serum that is very hydrating.  Any suggestions or recommendations?

I try to be myself on the blog.  Even in the worst, consumer-driven way.  Do you have any indulgences you want to share?  Surely I can't be the only lunatic around.  Meep.


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