I spent a week away with my family in Florida.  We went to Walt Disney World.  And you know what?  In spite of myself, I LOVED it.  I'm thinking it's all the marketing brain washing we go through since we are all children.  I may think I am immune to the sacharrine sweetness of the whole Disney machine, but in fact, as I walk along the brightly-lit Kingdom, whistling a tune or humming along to the piped in Disney music, I realize, no one is immune.  Certainly not me.
I found myself really kind of moved to see the iconic sights of Disney World.  Like seeing Mickey Mouse perched atop Epcot, and then seeing the flag with the big ball thing, gave me lump in my throat.
The stupid construction crane mars the view, but the castle at Magic Kingdom is kind of awesome.
I may have been making a mental "SQUEEEEEEE" when I had a picture taken with Merida.  I'm on the left, Merida is on right.  I want hair like that!
I may have squeezed Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  I may have made them uncomfortable patting them all over their giant rodent heads.

Some amazing things I was admiring was just how sterile, pristine and meticulous the whole experience was all over the parks.  Epcot Center, one of the parks making up Disney World showcases several nations of the world.  In this world, there is no ickiness, no trash.  Just milling tourists and several of the best-known cultural epitomized thing on display.


In "China" was a model scale set of the terra-cotta soldiers on display.
Which also had a Guerlain & Givenchy shops!  Full of makeups!
I didn't buy any souvenirs, makeup or otherwise, but did nosh my way through.  Ok ice cream in "France."  I found it so beyond funny that at a snack kiosk in "Japan," they were selling Shrimp Chips.
"United Kingdom"  Hello, UK friends.  They tell me it looks like this where you are.  True?  Is that Selfridges I see tucked into the back over there?
"Norway" where Queen Elsa and Princess Anna were also stationed.  They had upto a 5 hour wait to take pictures.  No way, man!  I'd rather a short wait for quick pictures with 2nd tier characters, me.
"Germany" where we ate dinner at a beer hall.  I've had much better German food before, but the experience was fun.
Here is the Disneyfied version of New York City, which was very amusing.

At Animal Kingdom, we visited the little petting zoo, which had several domesticated animals.  This was the least smelly petting zoo I'd ever been to.  I'm sure you've also been to several of these types of zoos.  But it didn't really smell and the animals were strangely docile, allowing for all manner of children and adults petting them away.  Do they bathe and then tranquilize the animals?
There is a miniaturized version of pretty much everything there.  Here is a small Mount Everest.
I can see how people would go back year after year.  It's warm, sunny and fun.  <--- not like me.  It really is very magical.

Well, I'm back home now, attempting to put the blog back in order.  There is still snow on the ground.  It's gross here back home.  I put back on my red Merida wig.  (You do know that is my Merida wig?)  Things back to normal now.

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