Featuring Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow in Himesango - Gone?

What a bummer.  It seems from perusing Suqqu's Japanese language website that Himesango is no longer part of the line up.  Himesango came out for Spring 2012, so it hasn't even been around very long.  It's a great basic neutral palette with a very easy combination of shades.  I posted about it here where I pitted Himesango in a death match against Tom Ford Enchanted.  Himesango won and Enchanted was hereby jetted off to the blog sale bin.

While quantities still float around, I thought I feature it in a look.  I currently see it available in Ichibankao.  While they still have a markup over and above the retail selling price in Japanese department stores, their prices including shipping.  And with the current USD to JPY conversion rate so favorable it's not too terrible to actually order an item or two.  It is also available at the moment on Selfridges.  I don't know if this means UK will continue to carry or if it is only until the stocks dribble away.

This palette I'd feel perfectly comfortable wearing to a conservative office environment.  While the shimmers are apparent in close up brightly lit swatches, every thing is pure neutral refinement on the eyes.

I'm wearing Himesango palette, using the peach shade as a base shade on the mobile lid and under the lower lash line.  I've used the taupe of define the outer thirds.  I've used the split pan lighter shade to give more definition to my inner lid and used the darker shade in the split pan to smudge around the lash line.  I've used Tom Ford's Espresso pencil in the water line.

Other stuff: Chantecaille Future Skin in Chamomile + Porcelain, Ellis Faas Concealer in 202, Suqqu Brow Pen in Moss Green, Chanel JC in Fleur de Lotus, Chantecaille Lip Chic in Sunrise, Lancome blah blah as usual.
It all borders on too polished and almost boring.  It's absolutely possible to go dramatic as the split pan shades are quite pigmented for any smokier or more defined looks.  I got some dips in the pans now.  Huh, takes about a full 2 years for me of intermittent usage to actual start seeing dips.  At this rate, at least another 6-7 years to go.
What is makeup perfection anyway?  For me, perfectly refined textures that looks wonderful on my lids and doesn't make any compromises on wear.  It doesn't need to always be interesting or crazy bold (though sometimes that's just fun), it has to look great.  Bonus points for effortless blending.  This is probably why even though I am constantly tuned into new brands that catch my eye, I tend to turn to my Suqqu palettes over and over again.

Do you also own Himesango?  Which is your favorite Suqqu palette?  Have you seen the new Spring line up yet?

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