Hello, New York: Bucolic

Instead of some sights from say Manhattan or Queens (or another part of New York City), today I have a view of beautiful Hudson Valley in New York State.  It's quite beautiful in these parts.  The snow and ice create some spectacular vistas along the partly frozen river.  I was mesmerized by the mirror like reflective surface of the river echoing the Palisades on the other side.
I had a few bright sunny hours today for picture taking, but instead of mulling over all things makeup, my family and I took a little trek over to Stone Barns.  It's a non-profit situated in lower Hudson Valley promoting agriculture and food, it is also home to a highly well-regarded restaurant called Blue Hill.  Blue Hill is truly a farm to table restaurant growing and raising the ingredients used in the restaurant.  I myself haven't dined there yet, but hope to make the trip with my husband at some point.

Today we went to the farmer's market that operates on Sundays, and the café and picked up some delicious lunch.

A sandwich stuffed with homemade bologna, and grainy and vinegary mustard.  I've eaten Oscar Mayer before, but this makes old Oscar to shame.  This we picked up from the café.
And from the farmer's market, a savory pizzette:
Ok, so maybe this was my 4th cup of coffee of the morning.
We shared the crumbs with the little sparrows that flocked near the outdoor seating area.
In addition to the outdoor fields, they operate a large greenhouse, growing all manner of interesting produce.
We saw many animals at the farm, oinking, clucking and baaaing indoors.  The large white sheepdog regarding us suspiciously.  Maybe he smelled the bologna on us?
I hope you enjoyed the sights away from the city hustle and bustle!

Happy Sunday!  Hope you all enjoyed a restful weekend.  What did you do this weekend?

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