It's My Birthday. Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day to You!

I like to think today is all about me, but really it's about everybody else.  Happy Valentine's Day to each of you, sending you hugs and wet snufflies.

I'm so touched (and relieved) that my last $1000+ post didn't arrive with a barrage of outraged omgwtfbbq comments and emails.  Maybe you really ARE my tribe?  I am seriously grateful for the kindness of you.  Thank you.

I didn't realize until after posting that I didn't mention my skin type, which I've done in previous skincare related posts.  I am combination, oily in the t-zone and dry and dehydrated everywhere else.  In the winter, I tend more to dryness.  I think even in my summer oily phase, the best products are the ones to imbue my skin with moisture.  This is a lesson learned late in life.  I don't strip anymore... skin that is.

*awkward silence*

Anyway, hope your Valentine's Day is filled with whatever lovely thing you adore the most.

For you, some makeuppy pictures.  For a snow day, which requires some bright happy colors.  That's Addiction Ready To Wear eye shadow palette in Soda Lunch, Laduree blush in 06, Guerlain Rouge G in Girly and my favorite mascara.

Swatches of those pretty things and the colors I used.  Considering the clouds and poor lighting, I'm kind of happy with the product and swatch pictures!
Wiiiings.  I used the blurple in Soda Lunch to make my wings and on the lower lash line.  Used the turquoise in the inner third of the line.  I used the white in the palette to build some brightness in the inner part of my upper lids.

Obviously still playing around with my new camera toy doodad.  I need to figure out my exposure issues!
Also, I am taking a break in posting, and haven't queued up any new posts.  See you soon.

Enjoy your upcoming weekend wherever you are.  :)


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