Stranger London "Origami Bird" Brush Roll

I tend to be very utilitarian about the storage of my brushes.  I keep them on top of my vanity in clear acrylic cups from MUJI.  I find it a handy way to organize them by function: blending ones in one cup, detail eye brushes in another, face and blush ones in still another.  When they become too dirty for effective usage, I quarantine them in still another cup.  When I travel, I've been putting them in the brush compartment of my Laura Mercier Custom Artist Portfolio or in several other smaller brush cases.  This is all fine, but for a long time, I've been admiring the handmade brush rolls from Stranger London.  I seem to have been looking at all the wrong times because the fabric patterns I wanted or the size I was looking for seemed to be out of stock.  Recently, I saw that really beautiful one was available (and now, whoops, sold out :( ) and I ordered one.
The outside fabric is all cotton and the inside a lightweight denim.  It is softly padded to gently protect the brushes.  It ties with a matching satin ribbon.  It's more grey than what I thought from the website photo, but even more beautiful and well crafted than I had anticipated.  The fabric retains the texture of the weave, and has a beautiful organic hand-feel.

Here is the origami bird of its namesake.
Utilitarian is all fine, but having a hand-crafted beautiful thing that is also useful is a treat.
The folder flap opens up to protect the delicate brush hair.  There are eight pockets, also wide enough to hold multiple brushes.
Delight upon hairy delight!  My Suqqu cheek and face brushes are nestled into the pockets.  The handle of the Suqqu Face brush is large, but still comfortably fitting into a pocket.
It took a few short weeks to have it crafted and then shipped over from the UK, but well worth it!

What about you?  How do you store brushes at home for use and what are your favorite ways when you take them along for travel?

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