SUQQU SS14 Collection

There are few things I anticipate more on a seasonal basis than the new collections of Suqqu.  I have a history of impulsively indulging in all the eye shadow palettes and have been patiently awaiting detailed reviews and swatches on line while I ponder my purchase.

While I do so, I have some images and information from the press release that I am excited to share with you.

I also wonder if those that follow my blog along are even interested in press release type posts.  When I see them on other blogs, I usually scan the images, which is always handy to see what is upcoming.  I sometimes also scan the press release notes to see if there is anything worth noting.  Generally, texts I see copied and pasted (and repeatedly seen on multiple blogs) is less interesting. 

So today, I'd like to share what information seemed particularly interesting to me, along with the items I plan on getting (or drooling over, as it were).

Eye Shadows
I am always, always interested in the eye shadows from Suqqu.  Suqqu makes up a good bulk of my eye shadow collection and they perform very well on me.  As I get older, I appreciate the textures of Suqqu's eye shadows even more.  These three palettes are all permanent to the line, so no need to run like a lunatic (me).   Instead of the matte white base shade that is often included in the lower right pan, these quads have a shade meant to even, and give a glowing tone to the lids.  I found the matte whites a little redundant and dulling, so I'm interested in seeing how these perform on me.  In terms of color story, everything is a variation on wearable browns, which is a dream for folks with warm toned skins like me.

Mitsucha 15 is truly tonally brown and gold and I will likely pass on this.  I have my brown-on-brown niche filled by Matsukasa from the old discontinued range of quads.

 Hanashoubu 16 has a beautiful deep purple.  The glowing base shade is pink.  This is a likely candidate for me to add to my Suqqu collection.
 Yomogiiro 17 is originally the one I've had my eye on all long.  I love the combination of the pale lavender and the green.  Upon closer inspection, the green is a bit "army" green, and the pale lavender slightly lighter in tone than I wanted.  It is still calling my name because oftentimes the more inspired (or head-scratchingly challenging) of the color combinations seem to work the best on me, like Hisuidama EX12.
Nail Polish
There are also two limited edition nail polishes that have been released, Sirakoucha EX05 described as tea latte (and does look like a very pale milk tea/coffee) and a pale lavender called Sumirezome EX06.  Pretty, but I've not a ton of interest in these as I believe nail polishes are restricted for USA shipping on the Selfridges website.
Smoothing Face Color
A new face powder has been released as well.  There are three distinct colors in the powder, a white one that reflects light to improve the appearance of skin, a beige matte one that smoothes skin, and a pink one for correcting uneven tone.  Of Suqqu base powder products, I already own the loose Nuancing powder, the Nuancing pressed powder as well as the last limited edition face palette.  And since I hit pan pretty much never, I shall wait until I get through some other things first!
There are several lip colors being released with this collection, in two limited edition and one permanent in the Creamy Glow Moist formulation and one permanent color in the Bright Up range.
Creamy Glow Moists are gorgeous balmy formulas.  I find them very similar to the Chantecaille Lip Chics.  (a comparison between the two formulas here
L) Harunadeshiko 06 - Pink Beige M) Usubeni EX-03 - Clear Red (I already have a sheer LE red, definitely don't need another one) R) Tousakura EX-04 - Clear Nude
I hadn't written about my Bright Up lipsticks before, but it is a fuller pigment creamy lipstick.  It's very different than the discontinued Creamy Glows, feeling much more rich and creamier on the lips.  The new permanent color with this release is Akaanzu 07, a rosy beige.  The press release information states that though there is a warm undertone to the color, there is a lot of blue in the pigment.  This is peculiar and interesting!  It is interesting to my interests.  *clink*

Two new blush colors, called Balancing Cheeks have been released.  This I am particularly interested in.  I had one older style blush called Balancing Cheeks in Momozoe a long time ago.  While the color was beautiful, I found the intensity of the pigmentation a bit lacking for my crazy-face preference.  I vastly preferred the gorgeous LE blushes from Spring 12 Nuancing Cheeks in EX-03 Akanemizu.  I see the new ones are Balancing Cheeks (like my old Momozoe).  The colors are beautiful.  I am very curious to see what the pigmentation would be like.  They are permanent, so I shall patiently await some good swatches.
The pink side of both blushes are made with something called "wet granulation" which provides the lustrous effect.  This is the same formulation as the lower right shade in the eye shadow quads.  And apparently the other color shade is supposed to be sebum resistant.
Momoshuiro 01, Peach Coral and Usuzakura 02, Sweet Pink join the blush line up.

While the UK launch at Selfridges is scheduled for February 20th, it appears the eye shadows are already on line (here).  Thanks Sara for her tweet alerting me to this!  The collection is already available in Japan now.
There are some early posts out there.  So let me link you up!
Sara from Color Me Loud has new posts on two of the quads.  16 and 17.
The British Beauty Blogger swatched eye shadow palette Yomogiiro and the Creamy Glow Moist lipstick in Usubeni from the new collection here.
I'm trying to prioritize my wants!  As many of these are permanent, I shall be as less crazy as I possibly can be.  What about you?  Any glimmerings catching your eye from the collection?

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