THREE Cream Shade Conundrum

I think there is a bit of a learning curve related to the cream shades in the THREE 4D eye palettes and duos.  One concern is the lasting power, which is valid.  They are doing pretty well on me applied over the Nars Pro Prime primer.  Because WINTER IS HERE, my lids are also relatively drier than normal, though still prone to fading and creasing things without primer.  I'm anxious to see (since I own a boatload of these now) how they perform in the summer when I am more of oily combination skin type.

The other thing is how best to apply the cream shades.  I mentioned in earlier posts how silky and easy they are to apply and map out a shape on the lids, but I don't think I ever went into any detail about what applicators I use to achieve happiness.  If you have been persuaded recently to take the plunge on the THREE palettes, you may be scratching your head about application and have concerns about color payoff.

And because WINTER IS HERE, I thought I'd show off my new home office set up.  And SNOW.  FONKING MORE SNOW.  Hibernation time. *yawn*
Some brushes and assorted applicators I've pulled out to demonstrate.  We will be playing with Star Guitar today, because -- pretty.
Detail-type eye brushes are my applicators of choice to work with the cream shade.  I've pulled several, including the flat, firm dual-end applicator enclosed in the case (the one that has the sponge at the end). There are variety of hair types.  The E.L.F and the enclosed ones are synthetic.    The two red Chikuhodos are kolinsky I lied, 6-1 is kolinsky and 2-3 is nylon and sobel hair, and the Hakuhodo K005 is weasel.
Viewed side-ways, all of these brushes are short-haird with very flat profiles:
They all have various levels of give, softness and firmness.  I have a vast preference for the kolinsky because --NICE.  And also delicate soft hair, but firm.  The synthetics are ok, especially the E.L.F, but the smooth cuticle-less nature of the bristles pick up the pigment less well compared to the natural hair.

You might also wonder why I'm not using a more multi-pupose brush like the Tom Ford Blending brush or the Suqqu F.  For the intensity and accuracy of the pigment deposit I am looking for, these are not going to do it.
Let me show you what I mean.  The below brushes are what I am going to use to demonstrate the application of the cream.  I've excluded some brushes among the flat detail ones, because I tend to use them interchangeably.  You can see each of the brush heads have some color picked up on it.
In the same order, I've swatched the cream on my arm.
Since pictures tell a thousand words, I think you can see for yourself.  The Tom Ford might be great if the look you want is diffused, but I really had to work the brush into the skin to deposit the cream.  (Also, brush dirty now!  the cream is embedded in to the hairs.   Gah, hate washing brushes).  I do like the Suqqu F for the precise but smooth deposit of the cream, but the most impressive in terms of pigmented application would be the E.L.F. and Chikuhodo.

You might ask me, why would I spend so much money on Chikuhodo versus an E.L.F,  and I won't really have a great answer for you.  :D I can freely admit, YUM, pretty red dinky brushes!  I also reserve the E.L.F to clean up my manicures, so I won't to putting that near my lids anytime in the near future.

Seriously disappointing would be the enclosed applicator.  Hello, why bother?  I do not recommend this as your applicator.

Sorry my pictures are so over-exposed!  But here is the finished eye using all the shades.  It's substantially more dramatic in real life.
Here is how the cream shade was applied and used as a base to shape the definition on the lids.  I like how the flat paddle shape can work easily into the weird nooks and crannies on my eye lids.
I then layered the other shades above the cream and the rest of my mobile lid.  I also used the thin edge of the detail brush to line my lower lash line with the cream.

There done!
Of course, since now you can pick up and apply the cream intensely, you can easily use the cream as an eyeliner as in the first look of this post.

Can you tell I just started watching Game of Thrones?  How many times WINTER IS COMING?!

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