7 Things I've Learned from Beauty Blogging x2 - TAG

Thanks to Anne from Rushing Glam for this tag, which gives me an opportunity to unleash!  UNLEASH the CRAZIES!

I wrote two versions of this tag.  If you read the non-italicized half, I think you've read a nicely comprehensive and edited version of the jumble of feelings and stuff I think I've learned.  If you read the other italicized part, well, may Pan have mercy on your soul because now you know I'm a little off.

1. I learned that going into beauty blogging with a weak constitution is a crap endeavor.  Even though I set up the blog for purely personal beauty-loving reasons, there are so many ways to track my "worth."  This measure of "worth" is of course not real.  I can't measure myself by a blog, for goodness sake!  But be it Bloglovin subscribers, Twitter followers, feedburner or google friend connect subscribers, there are so many ways to put a numeric value to my worth.  Do I feel better now than when I had 10 pageviews?  No.  But do I check daily?  Yes.  Do I feel bad when I fall off the readership cliff from time to time?  Yes.  I have to make a conscious effort (and it's hard work) to make myself believe that I am not a blog.  I'm me. 

But yesterday my pageviews did fall off a cliff and I did feel bad.  Buck up buck up buck up.  I need to put up more posts, that's the only way to sustain readership.  But then I would need time.  But I have no time.  But... BUTT  Sometimes I really don't have a single thing to post about.  Or I write a draft and realize it's stupid and not worth publishing.  But question myself because what the hell am I blogging for?

2. I try to be the blog I want to read, not the blog that gets me the most views.  I get surprised when the quickest/least labor intensive posts get the most pageviews.  It used to be the Tom Ford Smokey Eye Brush post I did eons ago, but recently way overtaken by Tom Ford Spring 14 swatches from the counter, taken with my phone.  Which makes me question the effort put into thoughtful product posts and laboriously taken photos.  I guess people like Tom Ford? 

Ahh!  No one cares about my deep thoughts!  People only want Tom Ford swatches of which I haven't purchased in a long time!  Am I writing for whom?  Do I want to read a blog full of sub par swatches from the counter for Tom Ford?  Oh no!  Realization that I don't have that many deep thoughts to begin with.  Hmm, maybe I shouldn't put up so many filler-y posts about my goings on around my errands.

3. Blogging makes struggling ensue trying to identify whether I am buying stuff for myself because I would anyway, versus buying stuff for the blog.  One clear thing is that I don't need anymore of anything!

I don't think blogging about my beauty consumption habits really helped cull that habit in the long run.  On one side, I want to learn about my consumption patterns and benefit from less spending, on the other side, I want to put up posts.  There doesn't seem to be a good balance that I've achieved.  I wonder if at one point killing the blog will return me back to a state of awareness (I know what I like more now) and less of a consumer.

4. I learned there is an amazing beauty blogging community to participate in!  I love interacting with beauty bloggers.  They understand the crazy love you have for makeup.  They really understand.  They will retweet you.  They will link love you.  They will put you on their blog rolls.  They show you enthusiastic love!  Reciprocate that love and support.  And do the same for new amazing bloggers.  That's kind of the beauty blogging cirrrrrrrcle of life.  I understand that without this support, no one would be reading my blog.

There is some fraught emotions I feel intensely about maintaining my blog roll and all this blogger to blogger interaction.  I only select a tiny portion of the over 100+ blogs I follow and read on a daily basis.  Sometimes I edit it based on blogs that don't update or it seems they've stopped blogging.  Is this going to offend bloggers and friends?  And do you know the #FF tag on twitter?  This is for Follow Friday when we list other tweeters to follow to our own followers.  In the beginning, I used to do this religiously every Friday, but then got tripped up with thinking about leaving people off.  Theoretically, if I follow someone, I think they are worth (that word again!) following!  I totally know I'm over thinking this, but sometimes what I think is blogging social media etiquette is a mystery to me.

And blogger to blogger love does not mean there aren't any hard feelings or competition.  It's there.  I just refuse to deal with these things.  The Nile Is Just a River.

5. I've found that feedback and interaction (e.g., the bloggers mentioned in #4, and with the amazing people that read my blog) is the biggest motivator now to keep going.  I want to stop all the time actually for all sorts of reasons.  I have time constraints.  Sometimes wilting interest in beauty.  But I get really excited when some new thought strikes me and I want to share it on the blog!  And then the rush of interaction is the most rewarding.

Interaction, in addition to or instead of Google Analytics metrics, is a measure of interest and readership.  Or something like that. 
When I stop posting frequently (busy, blah, etc) then no one reads the blog.  Then I am worthless again!  WAH!  *slaps self on head*  But I'm so tiny as a blog anyway.  Why am I even expending any brain juice on this?

6. When blogging is fun, keep going and enjoy the momentum.  When I'm busy or have no interest in beauty, either write about other things or take a break.  Taking a break is good as I think my energies and enthusiasm revives after a good break.  And there is no guilt to taking a break.

Oh, there is guilt which is self induced.  But a great happy feeling when the words fly off my fingertips on to the keyboard and the sunlight is bright and every photo I take is a beauty.  That's a happy happy feeling.

7. Enjoy Spam.  The canned and the email/comment variety.  Endless comic material.

Asshole spammers.  Stop leaving stupid comments to check out your spammy site on intestinal upset cures. 

There.  Let me pass on this tag full of woe and fraught feelings.  Any bloggerly folks that are interested in doing this one?  I am happy to link your post and update this post with it!  Just send me a note. 

If you want to know my deep thoughts about any particular topic related to blogging, shoot me a comment or an email.  Happy to UNLEASH.  UNLEASH any more crazies you are interested in knowing about.  I can give you the normal and the italicized version.

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