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I am forever grateful for your comments, your emails, your tweets that support me and this little blogging operation!  That we share a common interest in beautiful makeup and silly humor is a very happy convergence indeed.

How I feel.  I put on my favorite look for you.

I am trucking on.

With bacon.  A week long series on bacon and bacon poetry.

Heh!  Just kidding.
A few months ago, I bought a large cast iron skillet from Target.  It was something like $20, or slightly higher.  I seasoned it up well and keep it in good order by cooking all sorts of greasy things in it.  Such as, deep fried Japanese chicken - karaage.  I use this recipe but alter to taste (here).  For instance, I double or triple the quantity of everything because deep frying is kind of a pain in the butt and might as well make a big batch.  I substitute soju (which is a clear Korean liquor) versus sake.  I don't have potato starch around because seems a bit hard to track down so I use corn starch.  I also make batches of Korean kimchi pancakes in it with lots of oil.  (flour, scallions, chopped kimchi with some of their liquid, black pepper, a can of chopped clams, water).  I love how deeply crispy and evenly cooked everything turns out.
Excellent munchies with soju or beer, by the way
Another truly joyful thing about the skillet is how beautiful it works in the oven.  I showed you my caramel bread pudding the other day (here), but I also roast chicken in it.  So during the week, in a screamingly hot oven (400 F or so), I put chicken thighs seasoned with salt and pepper, and squeezed lemon in the skillet and let to roast).  The chicken fat that renders out and mixes with the lemon juice.  I can literally drink this liquid, but that would be kind of unhealthy.  And that crispy skin!  Dead gone heaven!

I try to tell myself that there are lots of simple joys.  Chicken fat.  Bacon.  Well-seasoned cast iron skillet.  Caramel.  Makeup new & old and loved.  Learning to bake because now I have a kitchen that I can really make a mess in. 

Daughter making her first basket in a game full of girls two years older.  Squishiest little daughter who is delightfully cuddly. 

Also, why have I not bought this skillet earlier??  So many wasted years without perfectly even crispy brown edges, melted caramel and chicken fat?  WHY PAN WHYYYYY?  *cries cries*

So lately enjoying and trying out alllllll the piles of makeup I've recently purchased.  I have too much to show and not enough time to write/take pictures.  Consequently, I'm on a no-buy so I can save some moolah for a new lens for my camera.  We'll see how that pans out for me.  I love how my no-buys always coincide with various discount events ('s 20% off, Sephora's upcoming event, my favorite event which is the Bergdorf Goodman one).  I must love the extra torture.

Remember how I recently ditched my AmorePacific Time Reponse skincare routine?  So I ordered a bunch of Mandom Barrier Repair baby moist stuff (weird weird weird name) from Adambeauty and it took a long time to get here.  In the meanwhile, I pretty much quit my AP products.  It's incredible that in a few weeks time, my skin is noticeably drier and I have all sorts of fine lines around my eyes.  I'm putting my Mandom into high gear and giving it a few weeks to work its magic.  It really has its work cut out for it.  My makeup doesn't look quite right on my skin anymore.  I've been told to just bite the bullet and go back to my old routine, but I'm going to be all stubborn and see how this experiment shakes out.  Been looking at some more Japanese drugstore makeup, for edumacashun purposes recently, too.

Do you know if you swirl swirl swirl your brush in your blush pan heavily, pat off the excess and then put brush on the face you get clown cheeks ANNNNND you use up a lot of product?

Speaking of Japanese drugstore makeup, there is only a few more hours before the giveaway ends, so I hope you've already entered my giveaway.  If not, I don't know what you're waiting for!  It is open internationally (here).

Another week we've made it through.  Let's celebrate!

Unpaletteable! Winner! Winning!

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