Breeze and Limb

I mention to friends from time to time that I am about to quit my blog at any second.  Any little wind may blow and blow the blog completely off its tree limb, as it were... ahem.  Figuratively.

I feel highly unmotivated.  I feel as if I'd like the blog to be even more better, more gooder!  But to do that takes work.



It feels a bit as if I were a little hamster in a little hamster wheel.

Buy more stuff.

Write more stuff with the usual words.

Take some pictures.

Post on blog.

Watch the stats.

and then again, and then again some more.

Maybe I will let the waves of unmotivated blah feelings work its course and see how I end up feeling.  I find I create pressure on myself, so I think I will need to try to relieve the stress some way.  We'll see how it goes, right?  Maybe I turn the blog into something else altogether.  Bacon Blogging?

This must be my blog growing pains.

If you blog, how do you keep your blogging chugging along when you feel so unmotivated?  Tell me!  What is secret!?  What is secret to life?

If you read this blog or other beauty blogs, don't you just get bored seeing the same stuff everywhere all over the place?

Bacon Blog

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