Liebster Award

Hmm, I first thought Jenny was sending me a lobster.  How does she even know I enjoy Maine lobster?  Steamed, broiled, buttered, stuffed.  They have Lobster awards?  Was I finally recognized for my good taste in shellfish?

I was sad, when I came to the realization it's not the Lobster Award.  Beauty bloggers don't do that.  It's the Liebster.  Liebster Award is a beauty blogging community's way of eating its own.  I mean, recognizing its own smallest, weakest and the defenseless.  To shine forth recognition, to put on the bright flourescent light, and to expose it to scrutiny.  stoplookingatme.


Up and coming?  Check!  (crashing and burning)
Less than 200 followers?  Check!  (kind of mostly, sort of)
Eager to spread my virulent form of Wondegondigo infection?  CHECK CHECK!

Tah dah!

Thank you, Jenny of Bellestristic Beauty of awarding this community based recognition to my mindless blathering! 

Of course, this comes with questions which I will answer with just the appropriate level of seriousness.  I'm guessing you might be sick of reading so many random things about me.  It's okay.  Sometimes I get sick of my own head full of nonsense, too!  You can skip the whole question section and get right on to my nominations!

1) What is the best book you’ve read recently (or your favorite book of all time)?
I did just finish re-reading the 50 shades trilogy, but now I'm pondering starting a most gigantic tome of the biography of John Adams by David McCullough.  I swear, the thought of carrying it back and forth on my commute in order to read this is a tad discouraging.  So big.  I don't have a problem carrying 5 Guerlain Rouge G's in my purse, but a hefty book of fine writing makes me balk.  Probably my favoritest book in the whole world would be Jane Eyre.  Because good.
2) If you could meet any one person, living or deceased, real or fictional, who would it be?
I would like to meet the Flying Spaghetti Monster and ask why so exists in this world so much suffering and lack of uniformity in noodle/pasta shapes in the world.  Also I'd like to know if spaghetti would be the most ideal noodle shape in all the lands.
3) What are your favorite places to shop at?
I prefer less human interaction to more.  So I like on line shopping the best for pretty much everything - beauty or clothing or electrical tape.   Of on line places, I like Beautyhabit and  In person makeup shopping, I adore Bergdorf Goodman.  Working near all the luxury flagships in Manhattan pretty much makes makeup shopping a lunch-break hobby.  Nice & dangerous.
4) What is your favorite makeup brand?
What a tough question because having a beauty blog means trying out new things and exploring the wide world of makeup products, but you can probably tell from the brand tags on this blog with the most number of posts.  I am particularly a fan of Suqqu, Rouge Bunny Rouge and THREE. 
5) Describe yourself in three words.
Caffeinated.  Indulgent.  Secretive.
6) Do you have a favorite scent or perfume? If so, what is it?
I am not a fragrance connoisseur, but I have an odd nostalgic fondness for Love's Baby Soft.  I am afraid to purchase a bottle for fear the real scent will mar the memory.
7) What has been your worst hairstyle?
Horrible perm in the 7th - 8th grades with bangs.  It took on a triangular shape and I looked like a Dorito.
8) If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Would truly love to see Petra in Jordan.

9) What's your favorite holiday?
I had worked in retail for far too long.  That definitely sucked the joy and love out of Christmas and that holiday season.  I don't have much particular sentimentality for any holiday.
10) Who or what is your biggest inspiration (for your blog and just life in general) and why?
My loving husband is my biggest inspiration: optimistic, cunning, generous and always forward thinking.  Without him, pretty sure I'd be still living in my studio apartment living on ramen noodles.
11)Why did you start blogging and is it what you expected?
You can read various versions (in tags) explaining why I started blogging.  In general it was to understand my own habits related to consumption.  Over the year or so I've been blogging, the best motivator is the fun interaction I have with all the people I get to interact with because of the blog.  I'm not sure what I expected.  I expected to sell some makeup (via blog sales), I expected to get to completely go on and on about my makeup obsessions but I had no idea how completely all-encompassing having a blog is.  So, huh!  Not that you asked for blogging advice, but I would say if you start a blog be prepared for how time-consuming it is (in addition to the fun).

I have nominees I'd like to tap to also receive this recognition.  (No lobster, though.  Sorry)  And so they get to state 11 random facts and answer these 11 questions.

1)  Your favorite fried chicken joint?  Bonus points if you can deliver it to my house.  You don't eat fried chicken?  Negative points for you.
2) Cake or Pie?  Choose carefully, my friend.  There is only one right answer.
3) What makeup product category is challenging to blog about and why?
4) Red pill, blue pill.  Pick one and why?
5) Current music in high rotation.
6) In junior high / high school, what was super trendy that you had partaken in that you sincerely regret.  Extra bonus points for pictures.
7) On your burger (veggie/ meat/ whatever), what is your cheese topper of choice.
8) On a quiet evening all to yourself, what three things would you be doing?
9) Where is the farthest flung place you have traveled?  Where is the next place you plan on traveling to  (far or near)?
10) What's better, a beach vacation or a walking cultural vacation.
11) Since blogging, has your taste in makeup changed in any significant way?

And here are the awesome blogs I'd like to nominate!

  • Lisa from The Consolations of Vanity.  She's lovely ain't she?
  • Anne from Rushing Glam.  Listen if she can post a picture of a chicken wing to talk about a smokey eye look, she wins at life.  Pretty much.
  • Miss Renee from Bad Outfit Great Lipstick.  Gorgeous with porcelain skin & kick-ass red lipsticks.
  • Selphia.  Go check out her blog RIGHT NOW and tell me you don't want to buy more makeup.
  • Claire from from the land of lorp.  :)  Love all her posts.  makeup and non.
Do you also read these awesome blogs listed above?  Go show them some love and check out their blogs!  And so much thanks to Jenny of Belletristic Beauty for my nomination.

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