Sunday and What There Was to Eat

We enjoyed beautiful weather this weekend.  I probably didn't get as many blog photographs as I would like but no matter.  There are trees budding and I am hopeful that maybe Spring will show up.  It was sunny and it seems everyone was out and about.  Makeup is a big thing occupying precious brain real estate, but always wrestling for more space in the brain is food.  This weekend food won.

Shall we see what occupied prime real estate in my brain this weekend?

You know what makes me irrationally angry?  When you order a Coke in a restaurant and they give you a Pepsi.

Maybe there is some evidence that high fructose corn syrup is evil, but it's ok.  In high dosage along with caffeine and god knows what secret sauce, my Coke is good.  It's damn good.  And don't give me no diet Coke dressed up with a lemon slice.  Give me the real stuff.  And give it to me good.  *shakes*  *shakes violently*
There's a restaurant, really a bar, that serves incredible bar food.  Though their menu is full of all sorts of delicious things, we order very few things on the menu.  I suspect everything they make is tasty but a few dishes are the only ones on the Belly rotation.

First a bowl of chili loaded up with onions and cheese.  No insipid beans in this, just manly beef.  I can cook a mean chili, but there is something so silky and rich about the one served here.  I nosh on thing and then dip seasoned waffle cut fries into it.
All teasers above for the real deal.  The only real reason to be at this place.  The biggest, plumpest wings known.  This is a small order.  The wings are deep fried to crispy perfection and dressed in sauce.  While various sauces are available, we always get the spicy buffalo.  I've made buffalo wings at home and it's easy enough to make: deep fry, toss in a mixture of Frank's Hot Sauce and Margarine (or butter).  This place elevates it to heaven.
Wow, I'm literally salivating typing this up and looking at the photo of the wings.

Later that day after running some errands, we stopped by the local Korean market and I spotted this.  That's little Belly Kid's hand placed on the fruit to show scale.  What is this monster beast fruit?

We had friends stopping over for brunch today so I made a salted caramel bread pudding (recipe here). This was really easy to make and after a good overnight soak in a custard full of eggs, milk and mascarpone cheese, it baked into decadence.

So I took a picture of it once take out of the oven and flipped over onto the platter.
 I don't get it.  I don't get how such a delicious thing can look so much like a cow pie.
Here is the sauce I made to go with it.  Mascarpone cheese whipped with sugar and half and half.
I forgot I have a beauty blog.
Look, I am down to a little nub of my Tom Ford Espresso eye liner so I bought a replacement!  Wheee!  Look at me kicking ass and kind of almost finishing things!

How was your weekend?  Any delicious noms you'd like to share with me?

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