Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow in Yomogiiro 17

It's always sad to see beautiful shades being discontinued (like Himesango), but it is offset with excitement when I get to see what's new.  Suqqu seems to discontinue well-loved products on the regular, but I guess it's to make room for newer and better.  Well, that is the hope.

So how do the new permanent eye shadow quads fare?  When Suqqu releases three quads at a time, I seem to be full of nail biting and indecisiveness and splurging on all three.  That doesn't always end up well for me because inevitably one is a dud.  Not for quality, because I have great experiences with the Suqqu quality.  But not all colors do so well on my skin.  Some are really blah on me.  I tried to get down to one when SS14 came with the three permanent quads.  After all, why rush when I can see more reviews and pictures on line and take my time.  But but but... so pretty.

The one I'm featuring today, Yomogiiro is the one always captivating me from the promo images.  Something about the pale lavender and that intriguing green really urged me to spring for it.  And who am I to argue with the "buy eeeet" voice in my head?
I suspect in my head I was trying to replace the grass green in EX-15 Hanaakuzi, which was lovely but the other shades didn't flatter my skin one iota.

The shades in Yomogiiro are subtle and all very pearly.  Some shades are more low sheen than others, but the overall feel of the color story is rather glowing.  The base shade (lower left) pan is now a glowing shade to even the lids.  I'm glad that the old ever-present matte white is gone and replaced with this.  The base is a very pale cool yellow.

I've swatched the colors here below.

The first swatch (indoors in bright natural light) on the left of my arm is the layered shades (Brown + Green + Lavender).  It produces a complex grey taupe which is going to be the "dominant" color in one of the looks below.  The lavender is quite pale and looks mostly white on my arm, but is actually translates into a very pale pink on my lids.  The brown has a golden sheen to it from the shimmer, but the base brown color is pretty cool.  The yellow base color pretty much disappears into my skin.  The color at the end is the green, which leans golden and warm.
One thing I noticed compared to the recent limited edition releases and the now discontinued 5 color palettes is that the pigmentation seems lighter.  And applied on my eyes, even when built up to a smoky look, the shades are still quite glowing and lightly pigmented.  I'm on the pale side these days still (less than NC20, something darker than Suqqu 002).  Something to think about if you are considering a purchase.

I swatched the colors again, but outside in bright natural light.  This time in different order than the first swatch, for confusion purposes.  L to Right, the upper left lavender, the golden brown, the pale yellow base shade and then the green.  And finally the layered shades (minus the base color).  I think this shows the texture of the shades best in this natural light.
And some extra fuzz to show some shimmer.
Then I was wondering how the green compares with the Suqqu greens I have.  I no longer have Hanaazuki, but I do have a few left to compare Yomogiiro green with.
Right away in the pan, you can see some distinctive differences.
Hisuidama has more of a sage green tone, while the green from Xmas Kit B (Touryokuzora) is deeper like an old evergreen tree with larger shimmer particles.  Yomogiiro by contrast is a fresher yellower green than the silvery Hisuidama and much paler than the dark green of Touryokuzora.

Texture and the pigmentation is different, too.  Though Hisuidama is also pale shade, the pigmentation is quite rich.  The Touryokuzora is darker, softer and much more densely pigmented.  It also produces a bit of fall out.  Yomogiiro is quite silky in feel and also much more light i pigmentation.
Hmm, I don't have a lot of greens at all (compared to something like my taupes!).  I also added some Rouge Bunny Rouge to the mix: Periwinkle Cardinal and also Whispering Ibis.
Here there are.  Nothing quite compares to Yomogiiro.
Yup yup.  Already making a compelling case for permanent rotation.
Look 1, which is much more softer in overall look, and more concentrating the shades on the lash lines.  The shimmery yellow base is applied on the whole upper lid and a bit under my eyes.  The lavender is the main base shade.  The brown is applied on the lower and upper lash lines.  And green placed into the inner and outer corners.  By the way, I'm also wearing Akaanzu, which I featured in a post yesterday, along with the blush from EX-03 Face Palette.
Look 2 is more the smokey layers I tend to favor.  The base is again applied all over the lids.  This time I applied the green on my mobile lid and slightly past the crease.  And then green on the lower lash line.  The brow was layered above the green, but closer to my lashes.  I then used the lavender above the whole of the upper lid as well to soften and blend into the crease.  Brown liner in the water line.  Same blush and lipstick as in the first look.
While the look is hazy and smoky, the overall impression is pretty subtle due to the glowing shades.
Look 2 with the rest of my face in context.

A little closeup of the very pretty Akaanzu Bright Up lipstick.
Yomogiiro!  Appeals to my smoky, hazy and subtle sensibilities!  I guess I might have liked a more matte color in the mix to mix up the texture.  But these glowing colors are totally having a love affair with my lids.  It's a nice way to bring in a little bit of light spring-like colors into my life.  Let me point you to Rouge Deluxe who posted a beautiful look with Yomogiiro here and the ever beautiful Sara with enviable lid space, who reviewed Yomogiiro here.

Have you may any selections from the new Suqqu releases?  What have been your experience so far?

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