Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow in Mitsucha 15

Does one ever really need another warm brown eye shadow palette?
Does it matter if it is from Suqqu?
Funny thing is, when I saw various blog posts and press release information for this particular quad, I had all the right reasons for not purchasing it.  As you can see from my first picture at the top of the post, I have quite a few brown palettes.  Probably my favorite is the depotted one in that picture.  That is glorious Matsukasa with textural variation and elegant warmth.

So why in the world did I end up getting Mitsucha?  First, that upper left bright yellow gold was pretty nifty.  I don't have a yellowed gold like it.  Does one in four colors make a palette worth it?  The upper left coppery shade plays so nicely with the yellow gold.  The pearly base actually shows up on my skin, too.  The shimmer in the dark brown shade glints green and pink and I love those shimmery glints so!
Look good on paper.  Looks good on face?  While the swatch seem low on pigmentation, I found it easy to build up the intensity when applied.

Not as clearly in photos, but in real life the coppery shade is quite intense.  As Yomogiiro does, Mitsucha also has a gleaming, glowing quality.  In this case, its a mixture of organic and brown metallic tones which shows much more intensely than the subtle shades of Yomogiiro.
Originally for this post, I was going to compare to the colors in the first picture of the various other Suqqu and the ilk, but I began to notice when I put it on my face, that the colors and the metal color play was very similar to a western product: Tom Ford Cognac Sable.  Mitsucha doesn't have the intense SPARKLE glitter top shade as Cognac Sable, so the overall look is much more subdued, but it gives me a sense that these two quads fill the same niche in my collection.  Oh, and compared to the palettes/shades shown above, Mitsucha is different.
(other products worn: Suqqu Frame Fix Cream Foundation N, Suqqu Nuancing Loose Powder in Natural, Ellis Faas concealer in 202, THREE blush in 23 Emotional Rescue, Dior Addict Extreme lipstick in Lucky)

I don't know if you recall my Tom Ford Enchanted versus Suqqu Himesango smack down from a few months ago.  I prefer Suqqu for the quality and finish to Tom Ford.  I think it's time to work on another head to head challenge wouldn't you agree?

Actually, I'm not quite sure how I feel about this very warm palette.  I love warm colors in general, but I do wish in the palette it had a good matte shade to anchor the whole thing down.  Let's see how it does against Cognac Sable.  I fear there is not room for both palettes.

Any recent picks from Suqqu you're enjoying or mulling about?

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