Suqqu Bright Up Lipstick in 07 Akaanzu and 02 Hanabeni

When I received a new lipstick recently, the Suqqu Bright Up Lipstick in 07 Akaanzu that was released along with the brand's SS14 collection, I realized I never really talked bout the Bright Up lipsticks.  Which is funny because I really like the Suqqu lipsticks and I often get asked what it is like and how they compare with the discontinued Creamy Glow ones.

So here are the two I own, Akaanzu and Hanabeni.  I had such a tough time deciding what I wanted to select among the many temptations of this new Spring collection (full collection information here), but I knew pretty much off the bat that I was going to get Akaanzu.  In the press information, Akaanzu is described as a rosy beige with a warm undertone but with a good bit of blue pigmentation.  I definitely see the rose and beige in the bullet and the applied color, but not sure I can discern any blue pigment.

Hanabeni is the brightest color in the Bright Up offering.  Unlike the darks and reds of the discontinued Creamy Glows, this is about as saturated and bright as the Bright Up range goes.  It's a mid tone neutral pink with a slightly whitened base.  You can see me wearing it along with the Benigachasane quad here.
Here's a photo with flash where you can see the tones of the two shades more true to real life.  Am I seeing things?  The cool light of the flash seems to bring out a slight blue tint to Akaanzu.
Akaanzu strikes me as a bit salmon flesh colored.  Not farmed salmon with it's insipid orange, but the really fancy wild kind.  While the pigmentation is good, it does take 2 passes of the bullet to see the color built up to this opacity.  The base is clear and so my natural lip color does alter it to a more cooler rosy color on the lips.  You can see it worn in my post from yesterday.  Hanabeni is more truly pink and very flattering on.  I do think compared to Akaanzu, the pigmentation is stronger.
 It has a more creamy formula on the lips.  It does not wear that long, but I can get 4 hours of so of wear and a soft shine that lasts in the first 2 hours of wear.  It fades without leaving a stain or any unsightly patches of color.  I find the formula slightly moisturizing and feels nice on my lips with no heaviness.
Also thought it might be interesting to show the different formulas in the Suqqu brand offering (of course with Creamy Glows being discontinued).

The Bright Ups are the black tube with the band of gold adorning the closure.  The plain black tube is the discontinued Creamy Glow.  The iridescent purple and the white are the limited edition cases of Creamy Glow Moists.  I think the permeant CGMs have the plain black tubes, but I don't own any of those.
The Creamy Glow has the most opaque and intense pigmentation of the four kinds of lipsticks.  Its formula is also distinctly feather light and slippy.  For people that like more creamier feeling in their lipstick formula, the Bright Ups are nicer.  The Creamy Glow moist feel quite a bit like the Chantecaille Lip Chics, with a sheer level of color and a lot of shine.  They also feel a bit thicker while being applied on the lips.
I don't necessarily have a favorite formula.  I do wish that the Bright Ups had some more assertive colors that aren't so safe.  I am particularly pleased with Akaanzu though.  I plan on getting a lot of wear out of it.

Have you tried all the different formulas from Suqqu?  Any one that is your favorite?  What types of lipstick formulas are the ones you prefer?

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