Visée Blend Color Cheeks in RD-2

I like blush well enough for a makeup lunatic, but it wasn't really my thing.  I notice that I am developing a pretty big pile of blushes.  I like stripey blushes, like the limited edition Guerlain ones (Madame Rougit & Sakura).  The products themselves are lovely, but the stripes are just so stinkin' pretty!  Maybe blush is getting to be a thing for me now.

Look at this blush from Japanese drugstore brand Visee!  It doesn't have to be Guerlain to be gorgeous!  This is jump up and down so pretty!  It reminds me a little bit of the very ornate case designs of Anna Sui with it's metallic scrolly botanical motif on the case.  The case is surprisingly hefty and sturdy with a little window showcasing the pretty stripes.
The product itself is further enhanced with the pretty engraved designs. 
The product pan flips up to reveal the enclosed brush.  The brush is surprisingly soft and dense.  I don't know what the hairs are, but it does feel natural.  Actually, I think it feels softer than the enclosed brushes in the Guerlain limited edition blushes.
Nifty, right?  This would make a very reasonable thing to carry around and reapply during the day.

Except, the thing is really well pigmented and I don't really need to reappy during the day.  Whoop whoop whoop!
One thing that always make me go "duh" with striped pans like this is to wonder if I should swirl all the colors and wear the shade blended or try to do something more sculpted with each shade used individually, OR wear one shade at a time.

The flat brush is actually flat enough to get one color in the pan.
Look at how much product this brush picked up.  Look how PINK it is!  My squirrel brushes also will pick up a large amount of product.  I found it's important to tap off excess before applying to face.  You may not want to have clown face like me.
Only thing I am not so keen on about this product that it really kicks up a lot of dust when I use a brush.  The finish of the blush is also slightly dry on my skin.  I'm not sure if it's because I am generally drier with my skin (because of my big change in skincare routine) or if the product itself is dry in finish.  And actually, the powder is very soft and finely milled and rivals many other higher end blushes I own.
Some swatches to ponder.  RD-2 is one of the brightest of the color offering.  There seems to be a nice assortment of pinks and beige-toned blushes.

RD (for red) -2 is lovely.  I've swatched the individual stripes and then the blended shade (L to R).

  • A pale peachy mostly matte nude
  • warm satin pink
  • warm matte red
  • pale warm satin pink
  • then the blended shade
Pretty, right?  The only issue is that Visee is very limited in distribution.  I believe their distribution has shrunk to be only in Japan. 

You can purchase it on Ichibankao, where there is a markup (which also includes shipping).  Or on eBay.  The prices at either source appear pretty comparable.  I was very fortunate that a lovely friend in Japan was kind enough to send this to me.  Price-wise, it's definitely less expensive than luxury tier or high-end products, but more expensive than western drugstore products.  To me, quality wise, it doesn't work into my skin as incredibly well as Burberry or Edward Bess, but I think it's a very good value for the price.
I'm wearing it here.  I'm wearing it really heavily and it barely shows.  Stupid picture!  I've blended all colors in this application.

Can you recommend some of your favorite drugstore products that you love for the quality?  Have you tried any Visee products and what impression did it make on you?

It's been awfully fun exploring this brand.  Yup, and Creamy Lipstick RD401 is still well loved!  Have you seen Driveller Kate's (post) and Lisa's (posts) new posts on this brand and their experience with the Creamy Lipstick, too?  I'm always amazed how so many things work so differently on each of us.  Go, run.  Check those out.

I'm thinking if you have a real curiousity for Japanese beauty, but hesitant to spend the super-serious moolah, this might be a great introduction to the textures and quality.

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