Don't Play with Fire, Kids

What this post isn't about: depotting.  What this post is about: fire.

I had some time today to prep for an upcoming post.  As part of prepping, I finished depotting the rest of my Suqqu palettes.  You might know that the pans are loosely held by a very sticky and gummy glue.  Depotting is basically as easy as pushing a pin through the holes in the back of the packaging and out plops the pans.  The problem with this is that the back of the pans is sticky with the glue.  Originally, I was so lazy that I just stuck the gummed up pans into my Z Palettes.  I realized that for ease of removing and re-placing back into the free-form palette, I would do best to attempt to clean the pans.
Pans pre-goo cleanup
Handy for me, I have a spray bottle of Goo Gone.  Goo Gone is a super handy product and when applied to a surface with residual gunk (like the glue from the Suqqu palette), the goo magically dissolves and can be wiped clean.

So that's what I was doing.  Wiping the pans with Goo Gone.

While at the same time burning a Jasmin Diptyque candle.

Folks.  Flammable Something + Burning Candle = DISASTER IN THE MAKING.  And I am so not being funny.  Goo Gone is highly flammable stuff.

While I was absentmindedly wiping the pans, a foot or so away, a lovely scented candle was burning.  One of the facial tissues I had set on the side drifted over to the candle and...

Well, you can almost imagine the worst happening, which it didn't.  While nothing actually happened with the bottle of Goo Gone (or the cotton pads that had Goo Gone on it), the extra tissue caught on fire.

Yes, I told you.  This post is about FIRE.

Being the flimsy piece of paper that it is, it instantly poofed into flames.  I tried tamping it out with my hands.  In retrospect, this was probably a horrid idea considering the residual Goo Gone on my fingers. Anyway, this didn't work, so I grabbed the only other thing I could, which was my cashmere wrap and tamped out the flames.

This little fire incident took just a few seconds.  No Belly was harmed.  No house destroyed.

So to get to this:

Along with the candle like so:

Could have been a real terrible incident because I had this orange bottle nearby.
Not to say don't burn any lovely candles.  I'm just saying to use caution.

I'm just saying, that the sight of a Diptyque candle and the scent of jasmine fills me with dread and makes me break out in a cold sweat.


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