Frankenstein's Palettes

When I was a small child, and I used to read actual books and stuff, I read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.  Wonderful read of course.  I was touched by the Gothic atmosphere, and the tragic sadness of the monster who just wanted to be loved.  I was also struck by the madness and the sheer arrogance of Dr. Frankenstein who think himself capable and worthy of giving life to man!  What blasphemy.

Belly who think herself capable and worthy of putting a palette together!  What blasphemy.

A few weeks back a recent conversation on makeupalley got my sludgy brain juices going.  We spoke a bit about how in a palette, there is always one shade that is so beautiful that it is near impossible to get rid of the whole palette.  Shiseido Pink Sands trio has the cool pink tones that makes me look like a malarial patient, but the center silver taupe is spectacular.  (bye bye, taupe)  Older generation Suqqu palettes come with the matte white base shade which never seems to do much for me.  Recently posted about palette Mitsucha could use a deep, matte shade to ground it down some for me.

So today, I bring you, Franken-SUQQU.

All the depotted SUQQU!
(L to R: EX-12 Hisuidama, EX-11 Sumiredama, EX-16 Benigachasane, EX-19 Touryokuzora, 01 Kakitusubata, 03 Matsukasa, 04 Keshizumi, 06 Ginbudou, 11 Himesango, 15 Mitsucha, 17 Yomogiiro)
All the mad Frankstein Belly!

The Matte:
(from the following palettes L to R: Himesango, Matsukasa, Matsukasa, Kakitsubata, Ginbudou, Keshizumi)

The Useless:
(from the following palettes clockwise from top left: Ginbudou, Kakitsubaba, Matsukasa, Keshizumi)

A Brown palette:
(from the following palettes L to R: Mitsucha, Touryokuzora, Katkitubata, Matsukasa, Matsukasa, Himesango, Mitsucha, Mitsucha)

A texturally VARIED palette:
(from following palettes from L to R: Sumiredama, Himesango, Sumiredama, Yomogiiro, Yomogiiro, Ginbudou, Kakitsubata)

Now I have to put them all back together.  >:(  Hmm, that is daunting.

Do you have a palette that is just short of perfection?  How would you put together your favorite combination of shades and textures.

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