Lancome Lip Lovers - Sephora Swatch Set & Lip Stuff Babbling

I said I'm on a no buy so that I can save up for a new camera lens.  But I lie.  I did go and pick up a few things.  At Sephora, I used my $25 gift certificate to buy two packets of the Boscia blotting sheets and one tube of Lancome Hypnose Drama WP mascara (here) for $18 with the VIB discount.  Not so bad, right?  Then I stolled over to the Face Stockholm and rattled around in their small shop and played with all the various products.  Then walked out.  Hahah!

While I was at Sephora, I did have a chance to take a look at one of the new lip products that I did have a good bit of curiosity about when Mostly Sunny posted about it a little while ago (here).  I'm glad I had a chance to play with them in person, because they felt a lot more like a traditional gloss formula than a lipstick.  I didn't pick any up, but took some pictures of all the Sephora colors.

In store lighting (ew).

Top row (L to R):
313 Rose Ballet, 314 Casse-Noisette, 316 Rose Attrape Coeur, 321 Rose Contre Temps, 332 Beige Adage, 333 Rose Nymphes
Bottom Row (L to R):
334 Corail Cabriole, 336 Orange Menege, 337 Lip Lover, 338 Rose Cygnes, 339 Fuschia Attitude, 355 Framboise Etoile, 357 Bouquet Final, 361 Violette Pirouette

Indirect natural light (indoors):
I generally like being inside Sephora, which is kind of like shopping on line.  There is not a ton of human to human interaction (which I prefer) and I get to play to my heart's content.

The other product I was keen to try out in person was the new Dior Addict Fluid Sticks (as posted by Drivel about Frivol and Color Me Loud.)  I started to casually check at the counters near me and they all said, come back in May.  MAY?!!  What the..?!  Macy's currently has in on line and in counters.  I tried to call the Herald Square location and ring ring... nobody home.

I went to the Dior counter at Macy's (Herald Square is generally too frenetic and full of humans for me to prefer) and saw the display right away.  I did not find the experience very agreeable.  First of all, all the testers have a giant "TESTER" sticker on the bottom which covers up the numbers.  I guess I could have peeled them off or asked for help.  Oh yes, I did ask for help, but didn't find the particular SA very helpful.  In the end I did buy 575 Wonderland.  Lovely bright color.  (side note: must get reading glasses pronto)

Further research clicky-thon:
  • Do check our Xiao's swatches at the same Macys's counter!  :)  Looks like she did much better than I did trying to get these swatches.  (here)  <--  All the US shades.
  • Sara's swatches of the EU shades (here), and detailed post of Mirage, Aventure and Wonderland (here)
  • Kate the Driveller's rave review of Wonderland, Pandore and Mona Lisette (here)
  • Bubby Michelle showing all the Asia swatches (here)
No buy be danged.  I did buy Wonderland 575 and trying it out.  So far... innnnnnteresting.

This week's retail damage:
$18 Sephora + $38 Macys +$43 Z Palette = $99

Hmm, that's some no buy.  Have you been taking advantage of the Sephora sales event in the US?  Any new things catching your eye?

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