Same Grey & Brown, More Better

Instead of white blossoms like those from yesterday, how about some more cliched spring photographs?  This time I have pink ones.

This time, a real real real slooowwww bumble bee was hovering around slowly enough for me to try to capture it.
 You can't see scale so much in the pictures, but the insect was huge.  For some reason, bumble bees make me feel very optimistic.
But not so optimistic that I want to do more more interesting things with my eye makeup.  So another rehash of the same eye products as yesterday: Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Grey Pearl and Tom Ford Eye Defining Pencil in Espresso.

This look is even more ridiculously lazy and easier than the one from yesterday.  Basically if you can wipe and smear, then you're good to go.
It's a smeary smudgy eye look, which is built upon an intense layer of Espresso all around the eyes (under and over).  Theoretically, you can go as intense and as big as you would like.  I then blend a bit softly with just my fingertips.  Then I apply the Grey Pearl Caviar Stick over it and then extended further and slightly above my crease.  I also apply it on my lower lash line, further lower than the Espresso.  I just used my fingertips to blend the two products together, but still ensuring a bit of more darkness closer to my lash line.  I used a cotton bud to clean up.

Taking some more feedback from yesterday that my lips needed a little more somethin' somethin', I applied one layer of Dior Addict Fluid Stick in Wonderland.  I'm wearing Visee blush in RD-2 (here) on my cheeks.  Speaking of my weird purply lips from yesterday, I tend to have cool colored lips and these days I'm too lazy to even apply balm.  Applying that purple gloss was an attempt at showing some effort!  :D

On my face I am also wearing the AmorePacific Cushion CC compact and Ellis Faas concealer under my eyes.  (I also want to fully admit my great regret at trying other skincare products.  After about 3-4 full days of going back to my ridiculously expensive AP Time Response products, my skin seems to be getting much better.  Yes you told me so!  YOU ALL TOLD ME SO!)
It's a much less "fresher" look than yesterday and looks slightly verging on overdone for my comfort in real life, but I'm pretty pleased that two very simple products can provide just enough fun to keep my makeup-y interest chugging along.
I'm going to try to put on something else tomorrow.  My complete inertia is totally incapacitating.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Planning any makeup looks to face the working week?

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