Snow in April & Featuring THREE Invisible Ethereal

A nesting pair of black capped chickadees found a home in the little bird house we hung up on a tree limb in our yard.
They are adorable, curious and pudgy little birds.  (more about them here, as well as to hear their funny song & call)  Sadly, something must have spooked them off and I think they've abandoned the nest.  There are many aggressive other birds nearby, so who knows what drove them off.  Hopefully they will come back.

Perhaps they were fed up with yet another snow fall that happened last night and flew the coop?  Why does it snow in April?  Just when I was ready to put away the winter jackets, it snowed covering my car with a thick layer of ice and freezing the lock.  Nice.  And my daffodils that just came up last week were frozen and wilted over onto the ground.  :(  Mommy!  Mommy!  Mommy, are they going to live?  *muffled sob*

I think I owe this blog a picture of me wearing THREE Invisible Ethereal which I posted about the other day (here).  For serious, I had to serious make gauges into the cream shade to build up to what you see here.  It's all very serviceable.  Uh-huh, just doesn't make me writhe around on the floor in ecstasy.  What are we talking about?

Anyway.  I see my eyes are a perfect match for my mucky poo brown sweater.  Damn you, it's still sweater weather!
Products slathered in morning minstrations on my visage colorwise:
THREE Invisible Ethereal duo on my eyes.  THREE Flash performance eye liner in Eye On 09.  THREE blush in Emotional Rescue.  SURRATT Lipslique in Perfectionniste.
My neck is so pale that when I match my face to neck, my face looks way too pale.  I look like a freak in person.
Freak on, world.
What cute bird sightings in your neck of the woods?  I see blue jays (loud suckers), woodpeckers, robins, and chickadees.

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