The Neglected Face - Featuring Addiction

Do you find things you've really liked previously figuratively collecting dust somewhere?  I don't shop my stash when buying urge strikes.  I usually just buy stuff.  I'm afraid that's how I am.  I also have the attention span that spans a season or so of consistent use and then --SQUIRREL!

A topic on makeupalley posed a challenge to use neglected palettes.  I have many I'm neglecting because I am a) testing new things b) stuck in a rut or c) burying my head in the sand about how my feels have changed.

Firmly falling into "c" would be Guerlain Les Fumes.  I don't know what it is.  I sure did love it when I first got it.  After committing to the challenge of using it this week, I still didn't pick it up!  There is a feeling of dark foreboding for this one, isn't there?

Falling mainly into "a" would be my gaggle of Addiction Ready to Wear quads.  I posted on the limited edition Basquiat cases here.  I really like these and I'm coming to realize that I like these palettes more than the singles I own and find the quality more consistent in the quads and I like the brainless ease of color coordination.  With the exception of Soda Lunch, the ones in that post are all permanent in plan black cases.

Addiction Tuxedo Moon is a great basic neutral palette.  While not actually flashy, it has a nice selection of light to medium to dark shades in a mostly matte finish that is really easy to use.

So, up for the challenge, here is my Neglected Face.
This is a very simple neutral eye look with red lips, of course.
Products used are:
base - Suqqu Frame Fix Cream N (002), Suqqu Nuancing Loose Powder (Natural), Ellis Faas concealer (102)
eyes - Suqqu Balancing Brow Palette (Moss Green), Addiction Ready to Wear palette (Tuxedo Moon), THREE Flash Performance eye liner (08 Eye On), Suqqu Mascara Volume Long N (EX-03 Black Navy)
cheeks- Rouge Bunny Rouge blush in Delicata
lips - Rouge Bunny Rouge lipstick in Raw Silence

Maybe tomorrow Les Fumes?
What's gathering dust for you these days that were old favorites?  

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