THREE Color Veil for Cheeks - Super Mini Swatch Set

There are certain brands that do silkiness in blush exceptionally well, and among them, I am developing a very expensive and debilitating fondness for the blushes from THREE.  I have four of them in my possession and while I would like to open up a large black garbage bag, and make a sweep of my arm and get all of them, I am trying to be smart about how I go about selecting the colors.

I have heard before that in general, that the pigmentation of the THREE blushes were on the unimpressive side so I've been honing my sights on the darker and/or brighter of the colors in the offering or colors that seem to fill a niche in my blush collection.  I've already posted more in detail about 17 Wind Swept Soul and 19 Love Kick (here) before and you can read about me drooling about the formula.

But today, I thought I'd show you the four I own now and some more thoughts about the colors.  I will put up some additional posts comparing the two new ones to other blushes from different brands so you can decide for yourself if they are unique enough or not to spring for.  (Here is a link to the post comparing 20 and 23 to other similar shades)

The two new ones in the mix are 20 Love Twist and 23 Emotional Rescue.

Here's my lot of them.  The cases are simple grey plastic ones.  They can be pretty easily depotted by prying out the pans with a pointy object.  There is gooey glue affixing the pans to the case.  There is no included mirror and it is very basic and no frills.

Here are swatches of the colors.  You can see some fine shimmer in the swatches (and which also appear in the pan).  The effect is not frosty, or even particularly sheeny on the cheeks though.  For me, they translate more as glowing satins with no perceptible shimmer bits on the face.

You might be able to tell also that the pigmentation for these are very good, especially for Love Kick, Love Twist and Emotional Rescue. 

The shades I hoard:
  • The subtle nude of 17 Wind Swept Soul is very similar in pigmentation to Burberry Earthy or Rouge Bunny Rouge Delicata (also very similar in color!).
  • 19 Love Kick is a bright red pink.  Very clear and brightening on my skin.
  • 20 Love Twist is a little hard for me to love.  It looks quite vivid and bright on my arm and a good bit of that is due to its white base.  I love the color itself, but on my skin, it looks very high in contrast to my skin color as well as slightly chalky when I apply too much.  Mind you, the product itself is not chalky at all, but the color can be.  You can see me wearing this color in a recent look that featured my makeup rut (here).
  • 23 Emotional Rescue is a deep raspberry pink with some impressive depth of color with appealing coolness and clarity.  I love colors like this.  I feel like it is a more wearable version of Tom Ford's limited Edition Narcissist.
By the way, there are other swatches of these blushes out there, but not English ones.  Here is one which captured many in the blush range.

I hope to do some more in depth color comparisons for Love Twist and Emotional Rescue for the blog soon.

I love these silky, airy and beautiful blushes from THREE.  How about you?  Have you tried any of the brand's blushes and what's your favorite colors you would like to recommend?

THREE is available in counters in Thailand, Taiwan, Japan and also available on line with markup on Ichibankao.  I was able to purchase through a very lovely friend in Japan.  (thank you!)

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